How to Cut a Mango in 3 Simple Steps [Infographic]

It’s a simple fact that mango is delicious, but to the uninitiated, actually getting to the fruit can seem quite complex. As this whimsical infographic shows, anyone can learn how to cut a mango. All you need is a chef’s knife, a steady hand, and a ripe mango. 

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How to Cut a Mango [Infographic]Artwork via CakeSpy

How to cut a mango 

Step 1:

Using a chef’s knife, slice each side of the mango lengthwise, on either side of the seed, leaving you with two pieces of juicy mango. 

Step 2:

Slice parallel vertical lines about 1/2 inch apart along the fruit, through to the skin (but not breaking the skin). This will yield slices of mango; alternately, you could create both horizontal and vertical lines, creating a grid-like cut formation. This will yield cubes of mango.

Step 3: 

Using a spoon, ease the fruit away from the skin. If your mango is ripe, it should slide away easily. 

And there you have it: beautifully sliced mango in three easy steps! 

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