How To Accent and Embellish Quilt Edges

Looking for new quilt embellishment ideas? Add accents and embellishments to the edges of your piecing for quilts, or to the front of garments. In this free video tip, Jan Krentz (instructor of the Bluprint online quilting class, Diamond Quilt Designs) shares a technique with you that’s one of her personal favorites.

Video transcript:

Hi, I’m Jan Krentz. I’m an instructor with I’d like to share a quick tip with you for one of my favorite surface-embellishment techniques.

I like to insert little slivers of color on the edge of my piecing, or down the front of a garment. This is done with a very simple technique. It’s similar to a flange, where you have a narrow strip of fabric. You press it in half, and you insert it at the edge of the piece, between two separate layers.

Now, instead of leaving that flange loose, what I do instead is apply that narrow strip, shift it inward just a bit to adjust for bulk on the edge of the quilt. I stitch at a half-inch, and when that’s pressed back out of the way here, you can see it’s just sitting right at the edge of the quilt. Then I apply the border as usual. And you can see what a beautiful little accent that makes.

The quilt is called “Pretty Posies.” For more design ideas and techniques, please take my class Diamond Quilt Designs on

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