How to Shorten Spaghetti Straps in Minutes! A Video Tutorial

You’ve found the perfect dress or top. Problem is, the spaghetti straps are too long! Well, Angela Wolf (instructor of the online sewing class, Tailoring Ready to Wear) is here to show you to very easily, and very quickly shorten those spaghetti straps to the perfect length. Even if your top is lined, this is still a breeze! Many more lessons where this came from in her class, which we know you’ll love!

Video transcript:

Hello, this is Angela Wolf. I’m a sewing instructor on In this lesson, I’m just going to show you a quick alteration; it’s one that’s very common, especially when prom season rolls around: spaghetti straps.

A lot of times these are too big. You fill the dress, and you can take it up like one or two inches. So this is a super-easy alteration. All you do is put it on, pin how much you need to come up. I usually just stick a pin just like this. Try the dress back on and make sure that it fits okay. And if so, all you have to do is put one more pin in here, then open it up. That’s quite a bit. But this is how much we want to take up the spaghetti strap. Let’s see, it looks like we have three inches here.

So let me show you how easy this is. This dress is lined, which most of these cocktail dresses are. But if not, it’s even easier. All I do is open this lining. If there’s understitching, you would remove these stitches, and just open this lining. I’ve already done this on the other side. Here we go. We have the lining and the dress. So what’s in here? A lot of stuff. You have some interfacing, some stay-tape. But, the easiest part is look: here’s the strap. You can see your seam and here’s your strap. So look at how easy this is.

I’m going to place two pins right here and right here. That just holds this open for me. And I’m going to measure from right here, where the previous stitch line was for my strap, and I’m going to measure up three inches. I put a pin there. Remove a few little stitches here. Remember where this came from. You can use those stitches as a base. Slide your spaghetti strap down the three inches. Put in another pin. Just like that. Now, notice. This is a lined dress, and I don’t have to turn the whole dress inside-out or anything. All I have to do is take this to the sewing machine. I’m using bright yellow thread just so you can’t miss a stitch. You would use a thread that matched. Now I’m going to stitch right over, and do like a back stitch, then stitch, then one more back stitch. If you do like four, then no matter how much you dance, your dress won’t come apart.

And, look: this it! So I will cut this off, slide this into the dress and re-attach the lining, which you can do by hand, which is the easiest. I would just slip-stitch that closed. And that’s how easy it is to alter spaghetti straps.

This is Angela Wolf, and for more tips like this on altering clothing, join me on my Tailoring Ready to Wear class on!

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