How to Make Homemade Gift Card Holders in 7 Simple Steps

Gift cards have definitely become my gift of choice for so many events, from weddings to birthdays. I love seeing friends’ faces light up when receiving gift cards to their favorite shops. The chance to go and pick out any goodies they want is a sweet present indeed.

The only problem with gift cards is that they can feel rather impersonal, but luckily, just a little bit of crafting can go a long way. Recently I learned how to make homemade gift card holders. They are so simple to make, and can be easily personalized with fun paper. They really are a fun, custom way to wrap a gift card!
Paper Folded Gift Card Holders
Paper Folded Gift Card Holders

A quick tutorial on how to make a homemade gift card

All you need to make a gift card holder is some colorful paper and a pair of scissors.

Folding Paper to Make Homemade Gift Card Holders

Step 1:

Start by cutting your paper to size. You will need an 8 inch square for this gift card holder. Measure the paper to 8 inches and cut into a square.

Note: I’m sharing these instructions with all the fold pieces intact so you can follow along. As far as origami goes, this holder is a great project to start with and can easily be created.

Step 2:

Fold the paper in half and unfold.

Step 3:

Fold each side into the vertical fold so that you will have four straight folds equal distance on your paper.

Paper Folded Gift Card Holders

Step 4:

Fold in each of the four corners. You want to fold them so that the point of the fold touches the straight line fold you’ve already created.

Paper Folded Gift Card Holders

Step 5:

Fold in the left and right flaps to create a rectangle shape with the corners folded inward.

Paper Folded Gift Card Holders

Step 6:

Turn the paper over and fold the top and bottom inward so they gently overlap at the marked fold in the center of the paper.

Step 7:

Tuck the bottom fold into the top to create the paper folded gift card holder.

Include your gift card and a small note for the occasion and fold the holder in half. It will remain folded and is a great way to hand off a gift at your next party or event.

Paper Folded Gift Card Holders

These holders would be great to use for flat favors at a party, just include the favor and fold over. They can be used for place numbers as well – simply place a small paper inside with the table number included and a pretty writing of your guests name on the outside.

Anyway you use them, the paper folded gift card holders are an easy way to present a gift and they will make whatever is inside seem more special and thoughtfully given.

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How do you add some special personalization when giving gift cards?

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One Response to “How to Make Homemade Gift Card Holders in 7 Simple Steps”
  1. Mary Iffrig
    Mary Iffrig

    an 8 inch square will not hold a gift card. I increased to 9 inch square and it is just right.