Make Perfect Homemade Biscuits With This FREE Recipe & Video Tutorial

What pairs perfectly with summer nights, barbecue season and juicy grilled ribs? The answer is simple — it’s our friend the delectable biscuit.

breaking biscuit gif

Look at those tender and flaky crumbs, just waiting to sop up tasty sauce or welcome a fresh pat of butter.

Ready to bake your own? Watch this tutorial & download the free recipe!


Here’s everything you need to make these crave-worthy biscuits:

biscuit ingredients

In this tutorial, baker Zoë François uses a combination of cake and all-purpose flour to mimic the quality of a Southern flour. According to Zoë, it makes the best biscuits (but isn’t always easy to find).

flour mixture

Another smart tip from Zoë is to use your pastry scraper to fold ready-to-cut dough into thirds before cutting your biscuits with a circle cutter. The result? Your flakiest biscuits ever.

folding dough

Fifteen minutes in the oven and these beauties are done.

baked biscuits

Watch the full video tutorial above, download the recipe and start enjoying biscuits that have earned their comfort food title!

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  1. Angela Zimmerman
    Angela Zimmerman

    I’m a member but am unable to obtain the recipe with the instructions given in the video. Please fix that; I’d love to make this recipe!