Food Lover Friday: Holiday Roast Recipes Fit for Entertaining

When it comes to holiday roast recipes, which should you choose? After all, there are so many delicious things to roast, from a classic Christmas goose to a “roast beast” of lamb, beef or pork to hearty and flavorful winter vegetables.

Sliced Holiday Roast -

Delectable Roast Beef via Bluprint instructor Molly Stevens

To assist with your cold-weather entertaining, here is an exploration of several delicious roasting possibilities, including advantages and pairings for each.

These tasty inspirations both classic and contemporary are bound to inspire your holiday food and cooking.

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Roasted Turkey

Photo licensed via Creative Commons by Flickr member timsackton

Roast goose:

Succulent, flavorful goose is a classic Christmas roast.


Goose can be roasted whole or cut into pieces and then roasted, which can save a lot of time. Its fat can be saved and rendered, which will make it useful for other winter cooking.

Pairs well with:

Baked apples or applesauce; cranberry sauce; mashed or roasted potatoes; Brussels sprouts; Yorkshire pudding.

Here’s a simple recipe for roast goose.

Roast Chicken Meal Roast chicken via Bluprint instructor Cynthia Nims

Roast chicken:

After Thanksgiving, you may be tired of turkey, but chicken is a flavor that people love any time of year.


Roast chicken is a crowd-pleaser that can be flavored in any number of ways. Roasting it with the skin ensures moist, flavorful meat that tastes great with vegetables or a homemade sauce.

Pairs well with:

Roasted vegetables of any sort; roasted or mashed potatoes; braised greens.

Cynthia Nims shares a delicious recipe for roast chicken in her class French Home Cooking: The Essential Techniques.

Photo via Bluprint instructor Molly Stevens

Roast beef

Another classic at the holiday table, roast beef is succulent, rich and full of flavor.


Roast beef is filling and warming, and can be modest or gargantuan in size depending on the cut of beef you choose. It goes well with a variety of vegetable and sides. The drippings can also be used to create another holiday classic: Yorkshire pudding.

Pairs well with:

Roasted vegetables; roasted or mashed potatoes; winter greens; Yorkshire pudding.

Here’s a recipe for roasted beef tenderloin.

Roast Leg of Lamb Dish Roast leg of lamb via Bluprint instructor Georgeanne Brennan

Roast leg of lamb

A little unexpected, a little different than the more traditional roast beef, but still brimming with a full flavor that will satisfy a crowd.


It’s “gourmet” without being too unusual, and lends itself to some creative sides that pair well with the slightly gamy flavor of the meat.

Pairs well with:

Mint jelly; yogurt sauce; tomatoes; mashed or roasted potatoes; roasted vegetables.

Here’s a basic roast leg of lamb recipe. More detailed instruction on how to roast a leg of lamb recipe are shared in the Bluprint class Roasting Techniques Everyone Should Know.

Roasting PorkPhoto licensed via Creative Commons by Flickr member Jeremy Jenum

Roast pork

A moist and flavorful variation on a classic holiday baked ham.


Easy to cook, this moist and rich main dish is delicious, and, depending on the cut, can be quite generous in its yield. Larger roasts can take longer to cook, but the leftovers can be used in many things, from sandwiches to towelettes.

Pairs well with:

Sweet potatoes; mashed or roasted potatoes; winter greens; winter squash; baked apples or applesauce; cranberry sauce; braised vegetables.

Here’s a recipe for roast pork tenderloin.

Roasted Vegetables

Roasted vegetables

Everyone loves roasted vegetables, which have a wonderful texture and superior flavor.


They’re perfect as a side, or can be dressed up with a cheese or sauce and served alongside rice or homemade Italian pasta for a hearty vegetarian main dish.

Pairs well with:

Any holiday roasted meat; homemade sauces.

Here’s a recipe for oasted Brussels sprouts.

What’s your favorite holiday roast?

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