Holiday Hangover? These 13 Hacks Are Here to Help

Grateful for time with loved ones but in need of a detox from the holidays? Enjoy some time to yourself and get back to what you love with these easy hacks! Find your favorite below and cherish that feeling of no gifts to wrap, no pies to bake and a silent night spent with your craft.

Hacks that give you more time to relax!

homemade sriracha
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How to Make Sriracha From Scratch

Hot, sweet and bright? Well, you are too — but we’re really talking about making homemade sriracha from scratch! Start with this recipe and customize it to fit your taste perfectly.

creative star tip
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7 Creative Ways to Use Your Star Tip

How many of these seven star tip techniques are you familiar with? You might be surprised at how many different designs you can create without spending a penny on new tips!

sewing darts
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A Simple Hack for Perfectly Matched Darts Every Time

Do you struggle with matching dart legs? You’re not alone! Master this trick for the perfect match every time and enjoy professional-looking results.

perfect triangles
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How to Sew Perfect Triangles Every Time

Kiss tedious timing goodbye and say hello to perfect triangles every time! Give Triangles on a Roll a try and follow this simple tutorial for your best triangles yet.

embroidery mistakes
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10 Tips for Avoiding Common Embroidery Mistakes

Which embroidery mistake do you always make? Check out these 10 tips for avoiding common embroidery slip-ups and ensure that every project is the best it can be!

how to draw faster
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Speed Drawing Hacks to Finish More Drawings

Did you know that drawing faster can actually make your artwork better? It’s true and we’ve got the tips to help you get there.

easy watercolor ideas
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Fancy Watercolor Creations Without the Fuss

Need inspiration for your next watercolor project? We’ve got five easy ideas that will get you back to creating beautiful watercolor works in no time at all.

lightroom portrait retouch
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Remove Blemishes From Photos in 4 Steps

Wow your clients with flawless portraits! You’re four steps away from results that allow your subject’s beauty to shine and your work to be the talk of the town.

knit baby hats
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The Secret Formula for Knitting Baby Hats That Fit

Did you know that baby’s head grows fastest during the first year? Learn the secret formula for a knitted baby hat that fits every time — perfect for the newborn babes in your life.

half double crochet
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Half-Double Crochet Hacks You’ll Love

The most overlooked stitch in crochet? It just might be the half double crochet! Pick up these hacks for a simple hdc and give this stitch the time and the projects it deserves!

weaving notes
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Save Hours of Time With Weaving Notes

Want to save hours of time on your weaving projects? Of course you do! Find out how to keep a record of your work and discover just how much time you can save.

easy to make jewelry
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7 Ways to Make Simple, Stunning Jewelry

Stop trying to find just the right accessories for just the right outfit and master these simple techniques for making elegant jewelry in no time!

how to score paper
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5 Paper Scoring Tricks Every Card Maker Should Know

Get the nice, crisp folds your want on your handmade cards — minus the cracking or crinkling! We’ve got five scoring tricks every card maker (including you) should know!

Tell us! Which hack will you try out this weekend?

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