Hello Kitty Cakes Make a Sweet Treat

A favorite of young girls (and even women, boys, and men, too) everywhere, Hello Kitty is a recognizable figure on t-shirts, backpacks, stickers, and essentially anything else that can carry an image—and cake is certainly no exception! When you think about it, Hello Kitty makes for a great cake decorating subject in part because the iconic kitty is a rather simple, though distinct, form with little detail—a few whiskers, a couple dots for eyes, an offset bow, a tiny nose—manageable for cake decorators of all experience levels. Of course, when it comes to Hello Kitty and its delightful design, its sum is greater than its parts, because that is one cute cat! We had a look around the Bluprint cake decorating projects to check out the Hello Kitty cakes you made, and we were excited to find so many awesome examples. Here are a few of our favorites:

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Capturing the fun spirit of both birthdays and Hello Kitty, Bluprint member Elaine Truong portrayed her kitten mid-swing! We love that this is a birthday cake for someone who (it would appear) has turned 22!

This Hello Kitty cake by Bluprint member Bakir is a fantastic and true rendering of the titular kitten. The personalization is a wonderful touch for a birthday celebration!
[one_half_last]If one Hello Kitty is good, then many Hello Kitties are great! Bluprint member Apsca62 did an amazing job creating three-dimensional fondant Hello Kitty figures for this cake![/one_half_last]

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake
[one_half_last]Hello Kitty Birthday Cake[/one_half_last]


Decorate an incredible birthday cake, whether its Hello Kitty, or a design of your own. The Bluprint cake decorating class, Cake-osaurus Rex, is a great way to get started!


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