DIY This Valentine’s Day With Heart Jewelry Tutorials

One thing I’ve always hated about Valentine’s Day is the pressure to buy expensive gifts. I suppose it’s the curse of the DIYer, but I always look at those pricey jewels and think, I could make something just as nice as that.

While everyone else is at the jewelry store buying expensive necklaces and rings for Valentine’s Day that will cost them six months’ salary, you can be at home with your basic jewelry tools creating masterpieces that look equally expensive and professional.

Whether you’re making a Valentine’s Day gift or just donning hearts for the sweet holiday, check out these heart-shaped jewelry tutorials that don’t require you to spend an entire paycheck.

Heart Cuff jewelry pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Two Lucky Cats

Heart Cuff

Grab your seed bead stash! Adding sparkle to this heart cuff couldn’t be easier, especially if you already have a lot of the supplies on hand.

Get the FREE Heart Cuff tutorial here.

Free Beaded Heart tutorial


Photo via Bluprint member Sandra Halpenny

Pretty Beaded Heart

In a hurry? This beaded heart can be completed in less than an hour. You can add the heart to any necklace or bracelet. Slip it on a chain for a quick necklace or attach a pin to the back for an instant brooch. You can even add earring wires to it!

Get the FREE Pretty Beaded Heart tutorial here.

Simple Wire Wrapped Heart Ring tutorial

Photo via Bluprint member Copar Aingeal

Simple Wire-Wrapped Heart Ring

This heart ring can be fancy or casual, depending on your bead choice. There’s even the option to omit the beads completely if a plain ring is more your style. You can even control the size of the heart, so there’s no limit to customizing.

Get the FREE Simple Wire Wrapped Heart Ring tutorial here.

Woven Heart Earrings and Pendant jewelry tutorial

Photo via Bluprint member Martic

Woven Heart Earrings and Pendant

Make earrings and a matching pendant with this simple tutorial that uses a jig and hammering. Don’t worry, weaving the wires is much easier than it looks!

Get the Woven Heart Earrings and Pendant tutorial here.

 Swarovski heart shape Valentine tutorial


Photo via Bluprint member CrystalHandmade

Swarovski Heart Shape Valentine

If you’re a fan of sparkle, you’ll definitely want to add this Swarovski heart to your Valentine’s Day project list. Pair crystals with seed beads for a heart that can become a ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings, or all four.

Get the Swarovski Heart Shape Valentine tutorial here.

Queen of Hearts Necklace jewelry tutorial

Photo via Bluprint member Ellad2

Queen of Hearts Necklace

A variety of beads come together to make this necklace inspired by Alice in Wonderland‘s Queen of Hearts character. I like this necklace because the hearts are a bit subtle, so you could get away with wearing it any time of year.

Get the Queen of Hearts Necklace tutorial here.

Navajo Heart Cuff Bracelet tutorial

Photo via Bluprint member Feelingstone

Navajo Heart Cuff

This cuff immediately caught my attention because of its unique weave. This is another example of a heart that’s subtle, so it can be worn any time you feel like donning a heart. Maybe you can even use the weaving skills you learn here to design a cuff yourself.

Get the Navajo Heart Cuff tutorial here.

Wire Crochet Volume Heart Pendant tutorial

Photo via Bluprint member Yoola

Wire Crochet Volume Heart Pendant

If you’re familiar with crochet, you’ll recognize the stitches of this pendant. Create the pendant in a traditional Valentine’s Day red as shown here, or go for something a little less traditional. I’d love to make this in a royal blue or even green.

Get the Wire Crochet Volume Heart Pendant tutorial here.

Are you making jewelry for Valentine’s Day? Who’s the lucky recipient?

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