8 of the Sweetest Heart Cakes You’ll Ever See

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is upon us and that means chocolates, roses and a sea of hearts abound. Hearts are the universal symbol of affection and the perfect way to convey your message of love. If you really want to make an impression, why not say “I love you” with a custom decorated cake?

We know you’re hungry for a big serving of Valentine’s eye candy, so take a peek at these 8 heart cakes that are sure to satisfy any appetite!

Two Pandas and Hearts Cake

Photo via Royal bakery

Boxful of love cake

You absolutely cannot go wrong with a Tiffany box when it comes to Valentine’s Day (especially one made from chocolate mud cake, vanilla bean Swiss meringue buttercream, and dark chocolate ganache). This little cake from Bluprint blogger Lesley of The Royal Bakery includes a fondant bow, tissue paper and hearts, and is topped off with two hand-modeled pandas. The tiny scattering of hearts outside the box balances the design perfectly by adding a splash of red to the cake board, which has been meticulously finished with red ribbon and a tiny, perfect bow. Boxful of love, indeed!

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Romeo and Juliet Love Cake

Photo via Man Bakes Cake

Love graffiti cake

This cake centers around Romeo and Juliet and was inspired by the Baz Luhrmann film, Shakespeare’s text, and a trip to Italy where the artist, Rudy of Man Bakes Cake, saw first-hand accounts of love graffiti scattered throughout the cities he visited. The dagger was modeled from fondant and then hand-painted, the graffiti effect was achieved using a dry-brush technique, stamp and edible markers, and the text was hand-painted with edible marker. The two-toned heart is a clever representation of the lovers’ feuding families. It’s refreshing to see a modern twist on a classic love story, especially in cake!

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Piece of My Heart Cake

Photo via Nylah’s Designer Cakes

Heart puzzle cake

This little beauty is a tiny 4″ chocolate fudge cake. The heart and puzzle piece were made using a fondant cutter. The stitching on the fondant bow and fondant ribbon border are a lovely added detail. Think “you’re the missing piece to my puzzle” or “you complete me” for this one. It’s too tasty to be corny if you say it with cake!

Three-Tiered Whimsical Heart Cake

Photo via McGreevy Cakes

Heart bouquet cake

We love a cake perfectly finished in buttercream! This one is covered in hand-made roses and features a heart-shaped rose bouquet in gum paste. The beaded pearl borders are fondant and so are the lace ribbon borders. The ribbons are embellished with several different neutral shades of sugar pearls. Though this design is demure, the quirky “guest appearance'” on the bottom tier by the comic book character Deadpool adds just enough whimsy to prevent this cake from taking itself too seriously.

Sweetheart First Birthday Cake

Photo via Cuteology

Love birds and hearts cake

Fresh strawberry cake is hiding inside this happy little design. This cake features a diamond-impressed top tier with perfectly placed edible pearls, a middle tier with a custom name plaque (cutter from Not Just Cakes by Annie), and a bottom tier cleverly assembled using a scalloped fondant border cutter. The cake was finished off with fondant polka dots, dainty love birds, and pastel hearts for a soft, delicate look. We’re smitten!

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Tiered Cake with Fondant Hearts

Photo via Little Cherry Cake Company

Graduated hearts cake

Ombré took the world by storm a few years ago, and the cake world was no exception. You’ve seen it all over the place, and here’s a cake that will make you happy to see it once more. This flavored sponge cake is covered in fondant and has been painstakingly decorated in dozens upon dozens of fondant cutouts in perfectly graduated shades of pink. Be still my heart! (Get it??)

Teal Love Bicycle Cake

Photo via Always With Cake

Bicycle love cake

Inspiration is everywhere and this toffee nut cake with Heath Bar buttercream and marshmallow fondant is a perfect example of that, since it was inspired by a greeting card! Accented with a custom fondant bicycle with hand-painted spokes, this super clean design is proof positive that red and blue work together to provide a beautiful color palette. The “cherry on top” of this cake is the oversized gum paste balloon, which makes our hearts soar!

Frilled Red Heart Cake

Photo via The Fondant Flinger

Ruffled heart cake

Here’s a little 6″ strawberry cake filled and iced with Swiss meringue buttercream. The cake is finished in fondant with, yep, more ombré: this time on the ruffles of the cake’s “belt.” The ruffles play host to an offset heart that perfectly balances the finished design — and we love it! Learn to perfect your ruffles with Maggie Austin in her Fondant Frills Bluprint class.

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Come back to the Bluprint blog tomorrow to see the winners of our first ever Valentine’s Day Cake Decorating Contest!

[box type=”shadow”]2 Hearts Logo

Put your heart into it!

On Valentine’s Day, hearts are on everyone’s mind! Before you whip up that pretty heart cake, take a minute to think of those who are not lucky enough to have a strong heart, like those with Congenital Heart Disease, the #1 birth defect in the nations. 2Hearts is a national organization that was created with just those people in mind, and is dedicated to helping children, teens and young adults who have been diagnosed with CHD.  2 Hearts is helping these youth transition into adulthood in a healthy, safe and informed way through activities, info sessions and more.

Spread the love with Bluprint Cares this Valentine’s Day! Learn more about the 2Hearts mission and how you can make a difference: Learn more on the Bluprint Cares page![/box]

Who do you most want to make a love-themed cake for?

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