Giftable Quilt Kits for Every Skill Level

From simple to splendid, there’s a perfect fit for every quilter — and every loved one — in this roundup of giftable kits for every skill level.

Beginner kits

Stitch up something sweet and simple.

Corner Lot Quilt Kit

Corner Lot Boundless Mixers Quilt Kit

Town Square Quilt Kit

Town Square Boundless Mixers Quilt Kit

Suburbia Quilt Kit

Suburbia Boundless Mixers Quilt Kit

Strip City Quilt Kit

Strip City Boundless Mixers Quilt Kit

Intermediate kits

Just enough spice to keep things nice.

Charming Friendship Stars Quilt Kit

Charming Friendship Stars Quilt Kit

Adagia Quilt Kit

Adagia Quilt Kit

September Sunrise Quilt Kit

September Sunrise Quilt Kit

Advanced kits

As seasoned as your holiday ham…

Ribbon Rainbow Quilt Kit

Ribbon Rainbow Quilt KIt

Radiant Star Quilt Kit

Radiant Star Quilt Kit Bluprint's Handmade Holiday Guide
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      Customer Service

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      Thank you for contacting us. The free patterns are still getting added to the site. I apologize for the wait. The great news is TN Marketing is excited to announce that we have made your purchased patterns available. This will include patterns located in your pattern library, this includes patterns by independent designers, Bluprint designers and patterns purchased with a previous kit. You will see your patterns on your Account Dashboard located under the My Patterns. Please let us know the exact title of the patterns you have not received.

      Thank you!

      Thank you!