Meet Culinary All Star Gemma Stafford & Go BOLD With Your Dessert

If you love frozen desserts (think tasty ice cream!), check out the Culinary All Star class we’re highlighting today.

Go BOLDER for dessert

Bluprint instructor Gemma Stafford

YouTube star Gemma Stafford has the scoop on delicious homemade ice creams, gelatos, mud pies and more, and she’s sharing all her best recipes and tips in her new Bluprint class! You could be whipping up tasty frozen treats alongside Gemma in her online class Bigger Bolder Frozen Desserts.

Psst…! Get a taste of Gemma’s delicious desserts with her free rocky road ice cream recipe.

Before diving into tubs of rocky road, get to know a little more about what inspires Chef Stafford.

Gemma Stafford Q&A
Meet all of our Culinary All Stars

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  1. bushra siddiqi
    bushra siddiqi

    Can you suggest which is the best brand of flavorings for ice cream / gelato and where to buy them