Nerd Is the Word: 8 Geeky Embroidery Patterns

Haven’t you heard? Nerd is most definitely the word – especially when it comes to your embroidery! Forget superannuated samplers, modern heirlooms are where it is at. Live for the now and get your geek on with these geeky embroidery patterns!

Let Bluprint members show you what happens when you combine nerdy loves with classic cross-stitch samplers!

mario alphabet cross stitch sampler
Photo via Bluprint member HappyCupcake

Mario ABC Sampler Cross-Stitch Pattern

8-bit and cross-stitch were made for each other and no one is more apt to demonstrate this than everyone’s favorite plumber – Mario! From Angry sun to Ztar, this pattern from HappyCupcake comes with everything a Nintendo love needs for a pixel perfect stitch. So, what are you waiting for? In the words of Mario himself, “Let’sa go!”

Get the Mario ABC Sampler Cross-Stitch Pattern.


Zelda cross stitch sampler
Photo via Bluprint member Merrywether

Zelda Link’s Awakening Sampler

If you want to put your gameboy down but keep those thumbs occupied, then this Zelda-themed sampler is just for you! Swap your sword for a needle and get stitching! If you just can’t get enough, Merrywether also has a Legend of Zelda pattern among other firm fandom favorites such as Star Wars and Batman.

Get the Zelda Link’s Awakening Sampler Pattern.

superhero alphabet cross-stitch samplerPhoto via Bluprint member weelittlestitch

Superhero Alphabet Pixel People Sampler

Who doesn’t love a good super hero story line, and why choose between the DC Universe or Marvel? With this superhero alphabet pixel people sampler you can have the best of both worlds, making it a guaranteed win for any comic book fan. Plus, it is so versatile — change the background and letter colors to suit your style, or make it more personal by selecting specific letters to spell out a name.

Get the Superhero Alphabet Pixel People Sampler Pattern.

nintendo controller cross stitch pattern
Photo via Bluprint member weelittlestitch

Nintendo – You Never Forget

OK, so this isn’t strictly a Sampler, but hey we’re already breaking the rules. The nostalgic Nintendo controller that began the long legacy of numb gaming thumbs (coupled with the witty text) is bound to turn a few heads. Select this piece and start a new hobby in cross-stitch — you won’t regret it!

Get the Nintendo – You Never Forget Pattern.

dr who tardis and alphabet cross stitch samplerPhoto via Bluprint member Beki710

Doctor Who Tardis Cross-Stitch Sampler

ooo-weeeee-oooo… For dedicated Doctor followers, this Tardis cross-stitch sampler is a must make project. It would make the perfect gift for any Whovian household! And, who knows, perhaps it is bigger than it looks!

Get the Doctor Who Tardis Cross-Stitch Sampler Pattern. 

arcade game themed cross stitch samplerPhoto via Bluprint member Merrywether

Arcade Cross-Stitch Sampler

Merrywether has done it again with this particular sampler, combining a multitude of arcade games into one bright and colorful cross-stitch. Pac Man, Frogger and Donkey Kong are just a few classics featured in this sampler. If you’re a vintage game buff, then you’ll be happy to let it invade any space in your home!

Get the Arcade Cross-Stitch Sampler Pattern. 

dawn of the dead cross-stitch sampler
Photo via Bluprint member Pyro Dog Pins

Dawn of the Dead Cross-Stitch Pattern

Who said samplers have to feature the alphabet or “Home sweet home”? Show the world your love for zombies, horror and gore with Pyro Dog Pins’ Dawn of the Dead inspired cross-stitch sampler. If one pattern isn’t enough to show your frightening fanatical side, they also have samplers featuring Evil Dead and The Shining!

Get the Dawn of the Dead Cross-Stitch Pattern.

star trek alphabet sampler
Photo via Bluprint member PxlPwr

Star Trek Alphabet Cross-Stitch

A true Trekkie (or Trekker) will surly find PxlPwr’s Star Trek Alphabet hard to resist. Whether it is stitched onto green, blue or white Aida, this pattern is sure to beam you up to the level of crafty captain among your crew. Now, what is the Klingon word for “to the haberdashery!”?

Get the Star Trek Alphabet Cross-Stitch Pattern.

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If these patterns aren’t to your taste, then you should explore Bluprint’s collection of embroidery patterns. With over 6,000 options, you’re bound to find the prefect cross-stitch project for you!


What nerd-themed sampler will you be stitching?

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