Fun Quilts: Explore this Eye Candy!

What is it about a quilt that makes it scream “fun”? Certainly, fun fabrics and bright colors can play a part, but creative and unexpected piecing is often the deciding factor. Enjoy the eye candy below, and let them inspire you in your own creation of fun quilts!

Fun Quilts

[one_half_last]The Ron Swanson quilt by Monica Solorio-Snow of The Happy Zombie is a striking quilt inspired by a character from the TV show Parks and Recreation. Not only was Monica’s piecing spot on, but she hosted a quilt along to teach others how to piece the famous face. Actor Nick Offerman was so honored that he autographed the back of the fun quilt.[/one_half_last]


Fun Quilts

[one_half_last]Even the name of this quilt is incredibly fun. Meet Oodalolly by Rachel Hauser of the blog Stitched in Color. In her design of the quilt, Rachel experimented with precut fabric strips in bright solids and improvisational curved piecing. Squaring the sections up into blocks made this quilt an easier design for her to teach students in her online classes. The quilt showed at QuiltCon, and is certainly a fun quilt for its vibrancy and visual impact.[/one_half_last]


Quilting Fun

[one_half_last]Hope Takes Flight is a quilt that was envisioned by Melissa of We Shall Sew, with blocks pieced by her charity bee. With a rainbow effect, the fun quilt is accented by the diagonal arrangement of the butterflies. Aside from benefiting a good cause, this quilt makes great eye candy!


Fun Quilt

[one_half_last]Connie at Basildon Kitchens finished her Sew Out Loud quilt, featuring word fabrics and paper-pieced text blocks. From its unexpected play on words to the variety of techniques used, this fun quilt is a feast for the eyes. The Sew Out Loud Quilt Along features tutorials for each of the twelve text-inspired blocks.[/one_half_last]


Austin Fun Quilt

[one_half_last]Another beauty from the QuiltCon floor was this Texas quilt, All Roads Lead to Austin, made by Dana Michaelson and quilted by Angela Walters. The quilt was pieced in the colors of the QuiltCon event logo. People love to show their state pride via T-shirts and even tattoos, and we’re happy to see this fun quilt trend translated to the quilting world![/one_half_last]


Pretty Fun Quilt

[one_half_last]Daniel Rouse at Piece and Press made his fun quilt, Hurle Burle Marx, using Thomas Knauer’s fabrics from the Frippery collection. The design was inspired by the work of a Braziliant landscape architect and artist, Roberto Burle Marx. He describes the work as one with an energetic modernism, with hints of a retro ’50s aesthetic and ’70s rainbow vibe.[/one_half_last]


Quilt Fun

[one_half_last]Amy Garro at The Cute Life made her Playing Card Mini quilt using a reverse applique technique that shows off a gradient of colors. The oversized nature of this Ace card and the pop of vibrant oranges on white makes it a fun quilt that begs to be wall art.[/one_half_last]


Fun Quilt

[one_half_last]This Don’t Blink quilt by Bluprint instructor Caro Sheridan was another stunner from the QuiltCon show floor. Interested in making your own pixel quilts? You can get started with this fun quilting technique when you sign up for Pictures to Pixel Quilts, a free class that will teach you how to make your own fun quilts using the pixel technique![/one_half_last]


What’s the most fun you’ve ever had designing a quilt?

You might also enjoy learning about unique quilts and the ancient art of batik. Come back to the Bluprint blog on Monday to meet quilting instructor Camille Roskelley.

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