Tutti Frutti: 7 Fun Fruit Knitting Patterns for Summer

Collage of Fruit Knitting Patterns for Summer

When the weather is warm, the fruit at the farmers market is irresistible. Juicy strawberries, plump blueberries, ripe watermelons — those fresh colors call our names.

Here at Craftsy, we think the knitted versions of those fruits are equally irresistible! Whether you knit a motif of your favorite fruit onto a sweater or just find inspiration in the bright colors of summer bounty, it’s easy to find a way to incorporate it into your knitting.

Sink your teeth into your favorite fruit, then pay tribute to it on your needles with these fun fruit knitting patterns from our indie Craftsy members.

Watermelon Purse FREE Knitting Pattern

Photo via Amanda J Berry

Watermelon Purse

Clutch? Coin purse? Small project bag? You decide what to do with this fruity purse. It’s knit with chunky yarn, so it works up quickly. You’ll need some shaping skills, plus some familiarity with sewing zippers.

Hospitality Tee Knitting Pattern

Photo via Universal Yarn

Hospitality Tee

Have you noticed that pineapples seem to be trending on Pinterest lately? This tee features a pineapple motif that requires a bit of stranded colorwork.

If you’re scared of colorwork, we can help. Check out Stranded Colorwork: Basics & Beyond with Sunne Meyer. You’ll learn all the tips and tricks you need to make your stranded colorwork while you knit up three pairs of cozy mittens.

Strawberry Leg Warmers Knitting Pattern

Photo via nonapearl

Strawberry Leg Warmers

Strawberries never go out of style, especially for babies. Keep these legwarmers in the diaper bag to slip on when the sun goes down and baby’s legs are feeling a little chilly. Like most baby accessories, these don’t require a lot of yarn so you can pull from your scraps.

Summer Fruits Cell Cozies Knitting Pattern

Photo via AuntJanet

Summer Fruits Cell Cozy

Give your cell cozy a fresh start for summer with fruity, cushion-y cases. Don’t feel like you need to stick with traditional fruit colors for these. You could even experiment and try to turn them into other fun fruits.

Baby Pineapple Hat Knitting Pattern

Photo via Lunatic Knitter

Baby Pineapple Hat

Even though the weather is warming up, babies sometimes still need something to cover their heads. Why not make it a fun summer fruit? You’ll work this hat flat then seam it up, making the cool texture even easier to knit.

Watermelon Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

Photo via dawnbrocco

Watermelon Baby Blanket

Double strands of yarn worked together at the same time make this blanket cozy and quick. You’ll embroider the seeds on as a last step using simple stitches. Take the blanket with you to the park to give baby plenty of room to roll around and enjoy the warm weather.

Bottle Cap Grape Trivet Knitting Pattern

Photo via Frugal Knitting Haus

Bottle Cap Grape Trivet

Start saving those bottle caps! For this vintage-style project, you’ll crochet over the bottle caps to create a heat-safe trivet. I think this would make a cool wall hanging, too.

What’s your favorite summer fruit? Do you ever incorporate it into your knitting?

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