Learn the Frog Tape Trick for Half-Square Triangles

Craftsy instructor and expert quilter, Camille Roskelley, has some great tips and tricks for saving time and putting you on your way to quilting success. With her new Craftsy class Pre-Cut Piecing Made Simple even beginners will be using half-square triangles to create an unlimited number of patterns in no time. Here, she shows you how to make quick and easy half-square triangles.

Hello, I’m Camille Roskelley and I’m a quilting instructor at Craftsy. Today I’m going to show you a little tip about how to use frog tape to make half-square triangles. All you need is a role of frog tape, a table for your sewing machine, an actual sewing machine, and half-square triangles that are smaller than your quilting table.

So I’m going to rip off a little piece of frog tape, and line it up with the foot. (This is a quarter inch foot.) Line it up just right, with the edge there. Put your half-square triangle squares right sides together. Then align the point of your half-square triangles with the point at the bottom, with that frog tape. And then just follow the edge of the frog tape all the way up. So start here and go all the way up.

Trim your thread, and then we’re going to come back down, doing the exact same thing on the other side. And you’ve made two half-square triangles without a pencil or drawing any lines. All you’ll have to do is trim them apart and press them; and you’ll have two perfect half-square triangles. If you enjoyed this tip, you might enjoy my class Pre-Cut Piecing Made Simple over at Craftsy. I’ll see you there!

In case you missed it learn more about Camille, and discover how to trim perfect half-square triangles. Then come back to the Craftsy blog tomorrow for a beautiful free quilting pattern and an exploration of string quilts!

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