Free Video Tip: How To Hand Quilt Feathers

For so many quilts, feathers are the perfect touch. In this free video tip from Andi Perejda (instructor of Hand-Quilting Heirloom Design and Technique, right here on Bluprint), you will learn how to quilt your own feathers by hand. What’s more, Andi’s methods allow you to quilt continuously—no constant stopping and starting—and they save you from putting a lot of knots in your quilt, too!

Video transcript:

Hi, I’m Andi Perejda. I’m a quilting instructor for Today I have a tip on quilting feathers.

So, in order to quilt feathers without having to stop and start your threads a lot, what I do is quilt up to the end of a feather, like this. It requires turning your work a bit and then bringing your needle back into the batting, but not through the back of the quilt, to the point where the next feather starts. So we bring it out, let it travel through the batting. (Slippery hands sometimes don’t work very well!)

So now we start quilting again down the next feather. So we’re quilting this second feather, and I’m going to go up to this intersection with the next line. One more stitch to the line, and then we’re going to go up here where the spine of the feather is. And I’m going to travel again through the batting and bring my needle tip out right where the line intersects with the spine. And I’m going to continue quilting feathers.

So you can see that this really helps you not have to stop and start your thread continuously and put a lot of knots in your work.

To learn basic hand-quilting techniques, I invite you to join my class, Hand-Quilting Heirloom Design and Technique, on

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