Free Video Tip: How To Join Yarn Ends, With Ragga Eiríksdóttir

There’s not much about knitting that’s annoying, but having to weave in all those little ends when you switched to a new ball of yarn is definitely on the list. Fortunately, the instructor of the Bluprint knitting class, The Topdown Icelandic Sweater, Ragga Eiríksdóttir, has an answer: splicing. It’s easy to do, it eliminates ends that need to be weaved in, and the splice is completely invisible. She demonstrates how to splice in this free video tip. Enjoy!

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Video transcript:

Hi, I’m Ragga Eiríksdóttir. I’m a knitting instructor with Now I’m going to teach you how to splice your lopi yarn and you need to attach a new ball of yarn in the middle of your project. And by doing this, you’ll have less ends to weave in at the end.

I’m working on the sleeve of the sweater here. I’m using lopi light, and I’m also out of yarn. So I’ll knit a couple more stitches, and then I’m going to bring in another ball of yarn and splice these ends together so I won’t have to weave them in at the end of my project. So, the first thing I need to do is to untwist the yarn a little bit. It’s just slightly twisted. It’s not hard to do this. And separate the two strands that make up the yarn. There they are. And I’m just going to untwist a few inches of this, and make one of the ends shorter than the other.

I just want to pull the yarn apart to make the ends kind of go thinner. And then I’ll take the new yarn that I’m going to be attaching to the old yarn. I do the same thing here. I untwist a few inches. And if you have to pull it apart, it’s better to keep your hands wider apart. It’s easier to pull the strands apart like that because the fibers are very long in lopi. So I pull this out and make sure that the other end is a little bit longer. I’m just going to make it a little thinner here.

And now I’ve done the same thing with both of my ends. So one is short, and one is long. So what I’m doing now is making the long end of one one meet the short end of the other. I just lay them together, two inches, three inches maybe, and then I lick my fingers and rub. So all the fibers cling to one another. I want to do the same with the other half of the yarn. So long end over short end. A little spit, and just rub.

So now I have rolled both the strands together. And now I just want to make them cling to one another by rolling the whole thing together like this. Just a little bit of spit. Don’t need much. Then I continue knitting as if nothing happened. And I just knit gently across the place where the two ends meet. And when I am past that area, you won’t even see where I did my splicing.

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