Free Video Tip: How To Sew Perfect Hems

Perfect hems are something every garment sewer strives for. But they can be tough to create. That is, unless, you’re using Linda Lee’s quick, easy trick with tagboard! In this free video tip, Linda walks you through her must-know technique for even hems. Check it out below, and then be sure to check out her wonderful new online Bluprint class, Sewing with Silks!

Video transcript:

Hi, I’m Linda Lee, and I’m a sewing instructor for I’d like to show you a great tip on how to get really good, even, precise hems.

I like to use tagboard templates. Tagboard is the same material that’s used in manila file folders. Or you can buy tagboard in packages, smaller sheets (8.5 x 11 inches), or in large sheets, as well, in the art departments of stores. So, I cut the templates using a rotary cutter so that they’re very precise, very straight. I want to cut two of them: one of them that is the width of a hem allowance, and a narrower one that is actually the finished hem width.

I’m going to start by using the widest one, which is the hem allowance. I place it on the wrong side of the fabric so that I can bring the fabric and hem up over the bottom of the template. The raw edge of the fabric is matching and meeting the top edge of the template. So with a little bit of a rolling motion, I’m pressing the fabric up and over the bottom of the template, pressing through all of those layers. And then I take the smaller, more narrow one. It’s half an inch less. I bury that in the crease that I have just pressed so that I can press what’s remaning, which is the half an inch, up and over the bottom of the template.

Then I press the hem in place, give it one last good press. So you can see what a nice even press I will get, and a good even hem. Once I pin this and sew it, I stitch it along the edge of the inner fold, add a beautiful top-stitched hem on the outside, and a perfectly even hem on the inside.

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