Free Video Tip: How To Sew Perfect Corners

Sloppy corners, floppy corners, dog-eared corners…turning corners can be one of the toughest things for a home garment sewist to do! But Linda Lee has an excellent technique for making clean, perfect corners that are well-supported. She shares it in this free video tip below. View it below and then sign up for her online Bluprint class, Sewing with Silks!

Video transcript:

Hi, I’m Linda Lee, and I’m a sewing instructor with Turning corners can really be a problem sometimes. So I had a great tip for you for getting the perfect corner.

You can see on my little sample that I’ve already sewn the two adjacent seams. And I’ve even pre-trimmed one seam. So I’ll trim the other seam in the same way, leaving about three-eights of an inch. You don’t want to trim it too close. And you don’t want to trim across the corner. Leave that corner intact.

Now I’m going to press both seam allowances one direction. And just press for about an inch at the corner. The other seam allowance, both layers, gets pressed in the same direction and gets stacked on the other seam allowance. So now all I have to do is hold that corner seam allowance with my thumb and turn it, give it a little finger roll, and there’s your perfect corner. Let’s give it a little bit of a nudge with our point turner. Then give it a little press. There you go: a perfect corner!

The reason I leave the extra seam allowance in the corner is for support, and it eliminates the corner for being dog-eared. For more great sewing tips, check out my class, Sewing with Silks, on

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