Quilting Hacks You Should Know: Get the Exclusive Quilting eGuide for FREE!

Say so-long to disorganization and streamline your quilting process. We’re so excited to bring you our newest quilting eGuide, packed with tutorials on how to quilt with the utmost efficiency!

Download Genius Hacks Every Quilter Should Know, made exclusively for Bluprint by expert quilters Sherri, McConnell, Karen Walker, Christa Watson and Lauren Lang, to uncover the secrets to saving time without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

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Quilting Hacks FREE eGuide on Bluprint!

Discover sneaky ways to quilt quickly with must-know quilting hacks!

This downloadable and printable guide features tips on tricks on quilting quickly like you never thought possible! You’ll learn genius ways to make the most of every stitch, so you can accomplish each project faster than you ever though possible (without any sloppiness, of course!).

Quilting hacks eGuide on Bluprint

Whats included:

  • Learn to free-motion quilt on a regular sewing machine
  • Unlock the secret to perfect quilt bindings, quickly
  • Discover how to make 8 half-square triangles at once
  • And more!
Quilting with glue? Believe it on Bluprint!

But wait, there’s more!

When you download the guide, you’ll receive a special bonus from Bluprint. What is it? You’ll have to get the guide to find out!

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Download Genius Hacks Every Quilter Should Know for FREE now!


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6 Responses to “Quilting Hacks You Should Know: Get the Exclusive Quilting eGuide for FREE!”
  1. Joan Moriarty
    Joan Moriarty

    I seem to be experiencing the same problem as several others. Not able to download anything offered from the Crafty site???

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello, I apologize but we are still working on loading content onto the site. If a link or download is not working for you, please attempt your access again in a few weeks. Thanks!

  2. Gayle Schildt
    Gayle Schildt

    The download does not seem to be working. I’ve attempted it several times to no avail. Is there a secret?