Free Cake Decorating Tip: How to Make Perfect Cake Stripes

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Video transcript:

Hi, I’m Collette Peters, an instructor at I’m here to show you how to make perfect edges for the stripes on your cake. First, take a piece of adding machine paper, wrap it around your cake (with the fondant already applied), and cut it to the exact circumference of your cake. Then take off the paper, and fold it in half, then quarters, then eighths, and as many times as you want (every time folding it in half), until you reach the size of the stripe that you want.

Then, put the paper back on the cake. Tape it in place, and with a sharp object — like a toothpick, or a cake decorating tool — mark a little dot at every fold of your paper. Using the straight side of a triangle, you can now score the fondant with a sharp tool all the way over the edge.

Next, take tape — just regular Scotch Tape — cut your pieces, and line them up with the scored side of the stripe, and tape them down. Now, you can spray paint or paint your cake and have perfectly straight edges.

If you need to cut something, you can just take an X-ACTO knife, straighten up your edge, and there you go: perfect stripes.

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