11 Wonderful (and Wonderfully FREE) Beginner-Friendly Sewing Patterns

When it comes to sewing, I often find myself over-complicating things, but sometimes a beginner-level pattern is what my mind needs to relax. Just follow the instructions and create something useful and cute!

Here’s today’s collection of 11 wonderful (and wonderfully free) beginner sewing patterns, spotted for you on Bluprint.

Serger Pepper 4 Bluprint 10 (+1) great (and free!) beginner-friendly sewing patterns

Remember: If you sew any of these beauties, please don’t forget to share a picture of your creation! Click on the light green “Add a finished project” on the right side of the pattern download page.

Turkey Buttoning Quiet Book Page

Photo via Bluprint member Felt With Love

1. Turkey Buttoning Quiet Book Page

If you need an easy gift for a pre-schooler who’s learning how to maneuver buttons, this is perfect!  Felt is one of the easiest fabric to sew, and you can put together all this beauty sewing it by hand. OK, I hear you: “I am a beginner, I can’t sew a buttonhole!” I’ve got you covered: read our blog about how to sew a buttonhole using your sewing machine attachment.

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Artemisia Dress and Tunic

Photo via Bluprint member NicolettaDNDC

2. Artemisia Dress & Tunic

I love this dress! Leave out the lace portion, if you feel it’s too much for your first project. I would bet it will be stunning also using two different knit fabrics to create a color block effect. It comes with a PDF tutorial, a series of four videos and 14 women’s sizes to choose between — not bad for a free pattern! 

Fear of sewing knits? Check this Bluprint post about how to make seams on knits last!

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Tulip Wrap Skirt size 6

Photo via Bluprint member Pienkel

3. Wrap Skirt

This kind of skirt is perfect for beginners because it is easy to adjust at the waist. The pattern includes a tutorial about how to attach a bias tape, too. If you feel crafty, you can go one step further and add a freezer paper decoration (a template for the tulip is included!)

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Fabric tea bags

Photo via Bluprint member SusanChilcoat

4. Fabric Tea Bags

I am a coffee-holic, but I also drink tea. I hate tea bags from the bottom of my heart because the tea leaves inside are chopped in tiny pieces — I love big tea leaves! I can’t believe I’ve never thought of sewing my own fabric tea bags, but I’m pretty sure I will soon!

Just a word of warning: If you sew your own, don’t wash them using laundry detergent or fabric softener; if you do, your tea will be weirdly flavored!

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Reversible tote bag

Photo via Bluprint member Daniela Gutierrez-Diaz

5. 2 in 1: Reversible Tote Bag

A tote bag can be the perfect first project. I’m sure that if you make one of these for yourself, you’ll need to sew another one for your daughter, then her little friend, then the neighbor… 

It’s not a plain and boring tote, and the pattern includes instructions for making it fully reversible. Can we say two for the price of one, even though it’s free?

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one hour basket

Photo via Bluprint member Hearts and Bees

6. One Hour Basket

Here’s a versatile pattern you will re-use so many times! To give some more body to the fabric, it makes use of fusible fleece. Alternatively, I would try this one! Whichever fusible interfacing you decide to use, check out these guidelines about how to apply it.

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Needle Organizer Pincushion

Photo via Bluprint member Ajaire Parello

7. Needle Organizer Pincushion

I must say this one is my favorite free pattern on this list. I always end up mixing sewing machine needles, forgetting which one is installed on the sewing machine (you wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve sewn with a ballpoint needle on a woven fabric, just to discover it doesn’t work!). In my ideal version, I would add a way to separate different needle dimensions, too.

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mittens 4 little elves

Photo via Bluprint member SewCanShe

8. Mittens for Little Elves (Upcycled!)

I hate when it comes the time to wear gloves — it means that my Vitamin D levels are dropping and I become cantankerous. Maybe if I sew a pair of Elf Mittens, though, my winter mood may improve. These beauties come in kid and adult sizes, and the pattern includes instructions for upcycling a pre-loved sweater and a video tutorial for creating a pompom with a fork.

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Biscotte Treasure Pouch

Photo via Bluprint member Biscotte

9. Biscotte’s Treasure Pouch

Do you have three fat quarters laying around? Put together this pouch and fill it with goodies for a last-minute gift wrap that becomes gift itself. Or, make one for yourself: I’m sure you can think of a couple of things to use it for. I can!

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Scrap birds

Photo via Bluprint member The Sewing Loft

10. Scrap Birds

Although you’re just starting to sew, you may have noticed that scraps seem to take on a life of their own, and your stash grows while you’re looking away. Yes, it’s true — scraps are able to multiply themselves!

Jokes aside, you may already have a great scraps collection you’d like to use, somehow. Put together a few (hundred) of these tiny birds and use them as gift tags, magnets, lavender satchels, holiday ornaments, wall decor for nursery… the options are nearly endless.

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free pattern how to sew a nightgown - Bubble Vitaminic Nightgown

11. Bubble Nightgown

I may be biased with this last one, but it’s become a real must-have in my house. I had so many enthusiastic comments from my lovely readers that I’d love to suggest you give it a try. It’s the FREE Bubble Vitaminic Nightgown pattern, exclusively designed  for the Bluprint Sewing Blog. Read about it here

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