3 Food Hacks That Work Like A Charm!

Who needs the grocery store and fancy cooking techniques when you can cook up quick, homemade snacks and more at home? These three everyday kitchen hacks that are so simple and effective, they’re practically magic. Prepare to be amazed!

Make a poached egg — in the microwave

A properly cooked poached egg is a creamy, melty thing of beauty. And this quick tutorial makes it easy to enjoy delicious poached eggs any time you want them.

Out of buttermilk? Whip up your own!

We’ve all been there — your recipe calls for ¼ cup of buttermilk and all you can find in the store is a pint! Kiss waste goodbye with this simple recipe for tangy homemade buttermilk whenever you need it.

Mayo from a jar? Not anymore!

Make your own preservative-free mayo that’s creamier and tastier than you could have ever imagined! This video shows you how.

More Amazing Kitchen Tricks!

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