Fondant Flower Cupcake Recipe

Recipe courtesy of  from Fondant Ruffles, Pleats & Drapes



  • Fondant/gum paste mix (50:50 ratio fondant to gum paste) in your choice of colors
  • Piping gel
  • Pixie dust
  • Graduated scalloped cutters (set of four)
  • Roller
  • Bulbous or ball tool
  • Brushes
  • Soft work surface (CelPad or similar)


Mix fondant and gum paste together in equal amounts; color as desired.

Sprinkle cornstarch or rub vegetable shortening on your work surface to prevent mixture from sticking.

Roll fondant/gum paste mixture out until it’s fairly thin, approximately 1/32″ (1 mm).

Cut four petals out of 50/50 mixture using graduated scalloped cutters.

Ruffle the petals by rolling a bulbous or ball tool along the scalloped edges. Use a soft surface such as a foam pad.

The bulbous tool should be half on the petals and half on the work surface. Set aside.

Roll a tiny ball of white fondant.

Brush water on fondant ball and sprinkle with pixie dust.

Dab a bit of piping gel in the center of each petal.

Stack the four petals on top of each other in descending size, largest on the bottom.

Press down with your finger at the flower center to affix the petals together.

Add a dab of piping gel to the center of the top layer and place the white fondant ball in the center.

Sprinkle pixie dust over top of flower.

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