How to Make Fondant Bamboo the Easy Way

We love this handy little how-to for fondant bamboo because it’s so easy to follow. Plus, it’s ridiculously simple to adapt it into any style, from cartoons for kids cakes or realistic shoots for wedding cakes. Check out our stress-free fondant bamboo tutorial below.

Fondant bamboo tutorial

How to make fondant bamboo

What you need:

  • Green or cream fondant or gum paste (gum paste is sturdier for stand-up bamboo)
  • Blade tool
  • Medium ball tool
  • Tiny plain leaf cutter (optional)
  • Brown or darker green edible petal dust (optional)
  • Food-safe paintbrush
  • Edible glue
  • Cake smoother tool

Step 1:

How to make fondant bamboo

To begin, knead a medium-sized piece of fondant or gum paste in your hands until it’s pliable. Then, roll it into a rope-like shape, about 1 cm in width (any thinner will be hard to work with). Even out this piece of fondant by rolling it back and forth using a cake smoother.

Tip: For bright, cartoon-style cakes, use fondant tinted in vivid shades of green. For a more realistic look, go with a more muted shade.

Step 2:

How to make easy fondant bamboo

Using your blade tool (or a small, sharp knife) make two or three indentations around your fondant rope. Try rolling your the rope as you press the blade tool or knife into the fondant or gum paste

Tip: Always make sure the blade of your tool or knife is sharp and free from fondant remnants. If you’re creating lots of edible bamboo pieces, clean your tool between each use. A sharp tool gives you the best effect!

Step 3:

How to make fondant bamboo the easy way

Now it’s time to add in a more realistic shape your bamboo. This is oh so easy! Gently pinch your bamboo piece above and below each indentation. Pinch and smooth until you’re happy with the look.

Tip: After you’re done pinching, smooth over the spots you worked to get rid of any finger prints.

Step 4:

Fondant bamboo

Use the medium ball tool to indent a concave shape into each end of the bamboo.

Tip: For more realistic bamboo, all you need is to lightly contour along the indented edges with some slightly darker in tone edible petal dust.

Step 5:

Fondant bamboo for cakes

Finally cut out some tiny leaves using your cutter and matching fondant. Use your blade tool to add a subtle vein down the center of each leaf. Attach the leaf onto your bamboo with a bit of edible glue.

Tip: Too much glue leads to a mess — the leaves could slide off, or the excess glue could drip down your work. Keep the glue to a minimum.

How to create fondant bamboo

Here’s a cute cake idea: Make lots of fondant bamboo to cover sides of a cake, and add an adorable fondant panda character on top!

When it comes to more grown-up designs, carefully wire your bamboo and arrange it with bright tropical florals. You can even pair the bamboo shoots with exotic gum paste birds and touches of gold or silver.

Quick fondant bamboo tutorial
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