Fix “Fatal” Sugar Flower Mistakes!

Anyone who has worked with sugar paste (aka gum paste) to create sugar flowers is familiar with that harrowing moment when you’ve crafted the perfect flower, and then a petal breaks. For the cake decorator, these really are horrifying events. In fact, Nicholas Lodge (instructor of the online cake decorating class, Classic Sugar Flowers) has a name for them that says it all: fatalities! The good new is, there is a way to fix mistakes, repair breaks, create invisible seams, and completely save your broken sugar flowers. In this free video lesson, Nicholas Lodge shows you exactly how, by creating a quick glue. This method can be used for sugar flowers of all types: from tulips, orchids, peonies, and more. Watch it now, then register for Classic Sugar Flowers for 25% off!

Hi, I’m Nicholas Lodge, an instructor with Bluprint. I’m going to show you, in this little tip, how to repair a breakage.

When we make sugar flowers, fatalities (as I refer to them) are part of an everyday occurence sometimes when you’re putting together an orchid or a flower. So here we have a little breakage on the peony calyx. So I would take the same color that I made the peony from. I will take a little egg white. And with my Dresden tool, I’m going to just mix up a glue. So I’m going to mix this up to almost like a royal icing consistency. This is going to make a really great glue to stick the flower together.

So once we have got enough egg white into this, I’m just going to mix this up. Then I’m going to take a little of this mixture. So in the case here of my peony, I will just take a little of that softened base mixture, and just put some of that where the seam will be, and I will take my dry part, and this will then stick to this. And once this dries, this will dry as an invisible seam. And sometimes, you go back with a little bit of dusting powder. But this means if you break an orchid petal in the final stage of construction, it is possible to repair this and let this dry.

So that’s my Bluprint tip of the day. If you liked this tip, go to and look for my class Classic Sugar Flowers. I’m Nicholas Lodge.

And come on back to the Bluprint blog next Thursday to learn how to realistically color your sugar flowers!

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