Fix-It Friday: So You’ve Run Out of Yarn…

While working through my latest knitting project, a sweater, I saw that my sneaky little yarn tail was creeping toward my project, and my ball of yarn was getting closer and closer to ending. So what now? There are several easy ways to attach new yarn to your project, like the Russian join or the spit splice. But, my favorite way is to use a simple half-square knot.  Here’s how to join yarn:

The first step is to stop knitting, leaving yourself a three-inch tail of yarn.  Then, find the working end of your next ball of yarn, and grab it so that you have a second three-inch tail.  With the new ball of yarn, tie a half-square knot around the old tail (preserving both three-inch tails), slide the knot up to your project, and tighten it.  Keep the old and new tails out of the way while you knit the rest of the project.  Once you’re finished knitting, weave both tails in, and voilà!

how to join yarn and fix a knitting project


If you’ve enjoyed this tip, you might also be interested in Ragga Eiríksdóttir’s instructions on how to join yarn ends.



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