Natural Elegance: Fantastic Feather Embroidery Designs

Sometimes surprisingly elegant embroidery subjects, feathers are highly symbolic. They can be quite intricate, and even artistic when embroidered. Here is a collection of feather embroidery designs that will leave you seeing them in a different light.


Feather birds embroidery designs by

Photos via EmbHome

Get the Bird Feathers designs here.

Feather symbolism

Feathers traditionally represent air, wind, ascension and spiritual evolution. They were widely used in Native American rituals and eagle feathers were given to warriors as an indication of bravery. In Christianity, three feathers espouse the virtues of faith, hope and charity. If you are looking to embroider a design in a figurative way, feathers can bring special meaning to a project.

Craftsy feather embroidery designs.

Photos via Craftsy members NaiveNeedle, Daily Cross Stitch, and StitchX Cross Stitch Designs

Whether simple or ornate, feather embroidery motifs are still very popular today.

Embroidery Library Native American feather designs

Photos via EmbHome

Get the Indian Feathers designs here.

Native American themes

Feathers have been depicted in cave drawings and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics but are probably most identifiable with Native American heritage.

Embroidery Library dream catchers Photos via Embroidery Library

Get the Dream Catcher & Feathers & Beads design here.

Get the Dream Catcher & Feather Cascade design here.

Get the Bear Dream Catcher design here.

Typically embellished with beads and feathers, dream catchers are an extremely popular Native American icon. Their purpose is to be hung over a bed to catch bad dreams and allow good dreams to pass through, following the beading and feathers to the dreamer.

Urban Threads dream catcher embroidery designs.Photos via Urban Threads

Get the Delicate Dreamcatcher design and pattern here.

Get the Dream a Little Dream design and pattern here.

Feather birds by

Photos via EmbHome

Birds of a feather

These unique embroidery designs by EmbHome take feathers to an artistic level, combining delicate thread painting in the plumage with fine details in the faces.

Get the Bird Feathers designs here.

Peacock feather embroidery designs by EmbLibrary.comPhotos via Embroidery Library

Pretty as a peacock (feather)

Beautiful, iridescent colors in peacock feathers make them an exotic choice in embroidery designs, particularly for clothing and home decor.

Get the Peacock Feathers – Watercolor design here.

Get the Peacock Fashion Shoe design here.

Urban Threads peacock feather embroidery designs.Photos via Urban Threads

Urban Threads features peacock feathers in line drawings, both simple and watercolor using thread painting. Better yet, they have machine embroidery designs and hand embroidery patterns available.

Get the Peacock Plume design and pattern here.

Get the Painted Peacock design and pattern here.

Watercolor and gilded feathers

Embroidery Library watercolor feathers embroidery designs.Photos via Embroidery Library

Thread painting adds subtle shading and dimension to machine embroidery, much like a watercolor painting.

Get the Bird of Paradise Feather Oval – Watercolor design here.

Get the Flamingo Feather Oval – Watercolor design here.

UT metallic featherPhotos via Urban Threads

Sometimes, just changing thread types makes a big difference in embroidery outcomes. The colored feathers on the left appear more textured and lifelike when using a flat, cotton thread rather than a shiny rayon or polyester. At right, when paired with a black background, metallic thread jumps off of the fabric and adds elegance to a simple design.

Get the To Catch a Dream design and pattern here.

Get the Gilded Feathers design and pattern here.

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