These Trendy Feather Cake Toppers Are Easier Than You Think

Wow everyone with your next sugary creation with these chic feather cake toppers. They look tricky, but are deceptively simple to make. Read on for the full step-by-step tutorial.

How to make feathers out of chocolate

How to make feather cake toppers

Supplies needed:

  • Melted chocolate or candy melts
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Cocktail sticks or a scribing tool
  • Apple crate padding or flower forming cups
  • Disposable piping bag
Chocolate feather tutorial

Step 1:

Add your melted chocolate or candy melts to a disposable piping bag, and on top of a sheet of greaseproof paper pipe out some squiggly tapered shapes.

Easy chocolate feather tutorial

Step 2:

Place another sheet of greaseproof paper over your chocolate and gently press down a little to sandwich the melted chocolate or candy melts between both pieces of paper. With your thumb, smooth and spread out the chocolate into thinner tapered feather-like shapes.

simple and sweet chocolate feather tutorial

Step 3:

Gently peel both sheets of greaseproof paper from each other while the chocolate or candy melts are still soft and liquid-like. You should then have two sets of shapes that you can then turn into feathers.

Pro Tip

You don’t want your chocolate or candy melts to cool and set too quickly, so try to not set them on cold surfaces while you work. Utilize chopping boards or a lined cookie tray that feels like room temperature so you can add the feathered texture.

How to create chocolate feathers

Step 4:

Now while the chocolate is still molten, take a cocktail stick to create a cool feathery texture along the edge of the chocolate or candy melts.

How to make impressive chocolate feathers

Step 5:

Now pipe a thin line of melted chocolate down the center of your feathers to create the shaft of the feather. Try to pipe this a little longer than the feather at the base so mimic a real feather.

Learn how to make chocolate feather dessert garnishes

Step 6:

For a realistic curl to your feather cake toppers, carefully cut each out while keeping them on the greaseproof paper and place into the cupped sections of some apple crate padding. You can use flower former cups to do this also. Leave to set — this can take a bit of time depending on the weather where you live. Once set, gently peel the paper from the chocolate feathers.

Pro Tip

The best way to remove these from the strips of greaseproof paper is to carefully peel away the paper from the chocolate at the thinner top end of the feather. This is also a great away to check if they’re set and ready to remove. Keep slowly pulling the paper away until the feather is fully free.

Easy and impressive chocolate feather tutorial

These chocolate feathers give cakes and cupcakes an instant chic upgrade. They also look lovely nestled on top of the luxurious chocolate mousse and patisserie-styled desserts.

If you’re feeling extra creative, try splattering your feather cake toppers with edible gold paint, sprinkle with edible glitter or maybe create fabulous effects with marbled candy melt colors.

Discover how to create chocolate feathersSurprisingly easy chocolate feather tutorial
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