A “Fearless” Hat: How Taylor Swift Inspired Us to Make!

The last two weeks have been an exciting time for Craftsy! As many of you may have seen or heard, we received some unexpected attention after showing our support to Taylor Swift during her recent trial in Denver. What started with a simple Post-It note message in our office window (read more about it here!) quickly picked up steam and we decided to run with it in a big way.

It just made sense: We’re a community of makers and creative women (and men!) ourselves, so expressing our support for Taylor during the trial just came naturally. We never expected to attract so much attention over it, but we’re incredibly proud to be part of Taylor’s positive message.

Fearless Hat

And not only that — we were inspired to make! Our very our Sunne Meyer, our Yarn Production Manager, decided to knit a “Fearless” hat. And the best part? Now you can make it, too. Scroll down to check out the free pattern. If you’re feeling inspired, too, this is just the project for you!

Fearless Hat

Free Fearless Hat Knitting Pattern

What you need:

    • Yarn: 2 balls Sprightly Acrylic Wool Super Bulky (98 yards/150g, 80% acrylic/20% wool). We used the colors Pond and Ecru.
    • Needles: Size 13 US (9 mm) 16” circular and DPN or your favorite needle set up for small circumferences (alter needle size to achieve gauge).
    • Notions: Tapestry needle, pom pom maker, stitch markers (optional)


9.5 st x 9 rows to 4” in stockinette

Finished Measurement:

20” (51 cm) around x 10” (25.5cm) tall


      • BO – bind off
      • CC – contrast color
      • CO – cast on
      • K – knit
      • MC – main color
      • St – stitch(es)

A few notes:

While gauge is not critical to this project, it does determine the size of the hat. Best to check your gauge! Adjust accordingly. If you would like a larger hat, go up a needle size. If you would like a longer hat, add one additional plain row to each plain section. This will use more yarn and you may need to purchase an additional skein of your main color.

Charts are read from right to left and bottom to top. Stitches are charted in the same order they are knit. Complete row 1, then return to the rightmost stitch on the chart for round 2 and continue.


CO 48 st, join to work in the round.

Rounds 1-4: k2, p1 around.

Rounds 5-6: k around.

Round 7-9: Join CC. Work Border chart (each round will work the border chart row 12 times) as shown below. Do not break CC after border chart. Carry it up the back.

Fearless Hat Key and Border Chart

Round 10: k around.

Rounds 11-21: Work Fearless Chart (shown below) one time per round.

Fearless Knitting Chart

Click to enlarge.

Round 22: *k4, k2tog, repeat from * around. (40 st)

Rounds 23-25: Work Border Chart (the same one shown above) rounds 7-9 once. (Each round will work the border chart row 10 times). Break CC.

Round 26: k around.

Round 27: *k3, k2tog, repeat from * around. (32 st)

Round 28: *k2, k2tog, repeat from * around. (24 st)

Round 29: *k1, k2tog, repeat from * around. (18 st)

Round 30: *k2tog, repeat from * around.  (9 st)

About the designer

Sunne Meyer is a knitting designer and Craftsy yarn team member. She lives in Denver with her husband and black lab, designing yarn for Sprightly Yarns and Cloudborn Fibers. You can find her on Instagram at @sunnelite or email questions to sunne (at) rmi (dot) net. This pattern is © SunneMeyerKnits 2017.

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