Free Pattern Friday: Farmers Market Fun

It’s the season of farmers markets and fabulous fall festivities! Get ready with free market tote patterns and a great recipe to try using all of the fresh vegetables you pick.

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Quilted Tote Bag

The Shoppers Fancy Tote

Double-sided quilted fabric makes this tote durable for many trips to the farmers market. Plus, a zipped security pocket allows you to carry a wallet and leave your purse at home.

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Foldable Grocery Bag

Foldable Grocery Tote With Sleeve

Stitch up this environmentally friendly tote in about an hour. With a fabric sleeve, its storage space is almost as small as its carbon footprint.

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Bee Embroidery Pattern

Bee Happy

Make your tote stand out from the crowd with this hand embroidery pattern. You can easily add it to an existing tote or stitch one up using themed fabric.

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Eastern Market Tote Knitting Pattern

Eastern Market Tote

Don’t let its delicate appearance fool you. This knit tote holds an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies with style.

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Cotten Market Tote Crochet Pattern

Cotton Market Tote

Give your shoulder a rest and use handles instead of a strap. Extra roomy, this market tote allows you to gather all of you necessities with just one bag.

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Woodgrain Printable Kitchen Labels

Woodgrain Kitchen Labels

Print out these cute kitchen labels for the standard pantry items, or use the blank ones to identify canned produce. They add a polished touch to food-themed gift baskets.

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Felt Flowers with Beads

Felt Flower

Felt adds a pop of color and needs no edge finishing. Add a few beads and attach it to your market bag for a unique embellishment.

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Peanut Vegetable Noodle Bowl

Peanut Vegetable Noodle Bowl

Healthy and delicious, this dish is packed with plenty of protein and fresh vegetables. It is the perfect finish to a day spent gathering nature’s bounty.

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