Easy Embroidery Adaptations: From Mug Rug to Fleece Scarf

It’s that time of year! When I saw this adorable wintry mug rug design, I knew it was destined for something more, so with a few easy adjustments, I stitched it on a fleece scarf. I’ll show you how I did it below!

Take a mug rug embroidery design and turn it into an adorable accent for a fleece scarf.

Take a mug rug embroidery design and turn it into an adorable accent for a fleece scarf.

ITH Mug Rug Appliqué Mittens design via Bluprint member Sanity’s Machine Embroidery Designs

Editing the design

The original stitchout contains 12 color stops. Because I was only interested in using the mittens and wording, I didn’t need all 12 of them. 

When skipping color stops, you can either delete them from the original file (be sure to save the file as another name to protect the original}, or simply skip through them during the stitching process.

mitten stitchout color stopsPhotos via Debbie Henry

For this project, I skipped colors 1 and 2 (the placement and tack down for the mug rug base), 3 (the quilting grid), and 11 and 12 (the edge satin stitching and trim).

pin scarf in the hoop

Stitching out the design

Step 1:

Hoop a tear-away stabilizer, sprayed temporary adhesive on the back of the scarf, and center it in the hoop. Pin the four corners outside of the stitch area to hold the scarf in place before running a basting stitch to tack the scarf in the hoop. Be careful to keep the ends of the scarf out of the stitching area.

tack down mug rug scarf applique

Step 2:

Skip the first three color stops. After running the placement stitch for the mittens (color stop 4), stitch the tack down on the appliqué fabric (color stop 5). 

trim applique mittens mug rug scarf

Step 3:

Remove the hoop from the machine but leave everything hooped. Carefully trim close to the stitch line and reattach the hoop to the machine.

mug rug scarf done in hoop

Step 4:

Finish stitching color stops 6-10.

Note: A water-soluble topping is typically recommended on fleece, For this application, I chose to not use it for more dimensional embroidery.

final mug rug scarf

Step 5:

Remove everything from the hoop, trim the basting stitches, and remove the stabilizer for an adorable embroidered scarf! 

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