Send Sweet Holiday Wishes: An Edible Card Fondant Tutorial

When handing out gifts during the holidays, one of the aspects I like to pay close attention to is the presentation, as it can add such charm with that memorable touch. Creativity and personalization will go a long way to make your recipient feel extra special.

Can you imagine what they will say when you hand them a present with an actual edible card?! I created a cupcake Christmas tree card for an issue of Bird’s Party Magazine and am sharing the step-by-step instructions to recreating it for a fun addition to your next gift.

Surprise your friends and loved ones with this simple edible card fondant tutorial, wishing them a very sweet holiday!

Sweet Holiday Wishes edible fondant card tutorial


  • Fondant (white, black, green, light green, red and pink)
  • Fondant rolling pin with 1/8″ and 1/16″ guide rings
  • Two 1/4″ wooden dowels
  • Water/edible glue and brush
  • Rolling pastry cutter
  • 2 1/4″ circle cutter
  • Large heart cutter
  • Miniature star cutter
  • Round decorating tip #12
  • Raw spaghetti
  • Black edible marker

Edible card fondant tutorial step 1

Step 1:

Roll out white fondant with the rolling pin and 1/8″ guide rings. Cut out a circle with the 2 1/4″ round cutter.

Step 2:

With the rolling pastry cutter, trim off the two sides of the circle a big diagonally (in opposite directions for each side) to form the shape of a cupcake liner.

Step 3:

Roll out black fondant with the rolling pin and 1/8″ guide rings. Utilizing the rolling pastry cutter, cut three strips that will form stripes on the cupcake liner and glue them to the white fondant. Make sure one end of the strip is wider and the opposite end a bit narrower towards the bottom.

Step 4:

Glue the black strips to the white fondant in place.

Step 5:

With the large heart shape turned upside down, cut off the top of the circle.

Edible card fondant tutorial step 2

Step 6:

Roll out green fondant with the rolling pin and 1/8″ guide rings and cut out a large heart with the cutter. Turn the heart upside down on your work surface.

Step 7:

With the remaining green fondant, roll it out long with the rolling pin and 1/8″ guide rings. Cut out long strips of the green fondant with the rolling pastry cutter.

Step 8:

Begin to layer the green fondant strips to layer over the green heart shape in a back and forth motion, making each layer thinner until the very top to form a tree. Glue the layers as needed, then glue it to the heart shape.

Edible card fondant tutorial step 3

Step 9:

Roll out white fondant thick with the rolling pin and wooden dowels as guides. Cut out a miniature star with the cutter.

Step 10:

Break a small piece of raw spaghetti, then carefully insert it at the bottom of the small fondant star by slowly twisting upward, leaving enough protruding to insert into the tree.

Step 11:

Attach the star to the tree by slowly inserting it through the fondant at the top and glue it in place.

Step 12:

For the tree decorations, roll out pink and red fondant (or desired colors) with the rolling pin and 1/8″ guide rings. Utilize round decorating tip #12 to cut out several circles of each color, then roll them into balls to make ornaments.

Step 13:

Strategically place the fondant ornaments on the tree and when satisfied with the placement, glue them in place.

Edible card fondant tutorial step 4

Step 14:

Roll out light green fondant (or the color of choice) out with the rolling pin and 1/8″ guide rings to form the card – in t his case, 5″ x 7″.

Step 15:

The top of the cupcake tree should lock into the bottom liner. Decide where you want the cupcake tree placed on your card and glue it in place.

Step 16:

Roll out two strips of fondant in your desired colors (pink and white in this example) with the rolling pin and 1/16″ guide rings, varying the width so the bottom color is also shown when layered. Add details, such as the dotted impression made with a rolling impression wheel or a modeling stick.

Step 17:

Allow the fondant to dry for a few hours so that the moisture of the ink won’t automatically sink into the fondant. Once dry, add your holiday wish with the edible marker.

Vary your designs and sizes for your holiday gifts and be creative. For example, make small fondant tags, cut out a hole and tie it to a gift bag with baker’s twine with the recipient’s name embossed or written with edible ink. Then, have fun surprising everyone!

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