Make Easy Half-Square Triangles Without Squaring Them Up

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Have you ever wondered how you can make accurate and easy half-square triangles without the agony of squaring them up?

If you love old style quilts made with diamond pieces then you know how frustrating it can be quilting with all those bias edges and set in seams. To solve that frustration I have designed my quilts with what I call my “no diamonds/no “Y” seams” technique. It uses only half-square triangles to make those very same quilts easier.

Completed quilt with half squares

This easy half-square triangle tutorial is the answer to many of your questions and can teach you how to make stunning quilts with ease and efficiency.

Here are some great tips for successful and easy half-square triangles:

Step 1: Squares

Step 1.

Stack the units with the darker fabric facing up.

Dark side up

Step 2.

Carefully set the seam by pressing with a hot iron. Remember you are not ironing a shirt, you are pressing a seam by lifting the iron when you move from area to area.

Ironing half squares

Step 3.

Lift the top layer of the unit. Just hold it up out of the way of the iron. Do not pull on the fabric or try to help the iron. Just hold it.

Lifting top layer

Step 4.

Use the tip of the iron to push the corner fabric over. The weight of the iron is enough to push the corner flat. This will eliminate the tiny tucks or pleats that sometimes appear. Do the other corner in the same manner.

Use the tip of the iron

Step 5.

Finally, let the weight of the iron push the whole seam over. Do not pull on the fabric or you will distort the half-square triangle.

Completed half square

Hooray! You now have a finished half-square triangle unit that is square and ready to sew into the quilt. All you have to do is trim off the little dog-ears. No more wasting time squaring things up!

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About Debbie Maddy

Debbie Maddy headshotDebbie Maddy has been quilting for over 30 years and designing patterns for 12 years. Debbie’s designs use her “no diamonds no ‘Y’ seams” technique to make them very easy to piece with half-square triangle units. She publishes patterns under the name Calico Carriage Quilt Designs and travels internationally to teach for quilt guilds and quilt shops.

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