How to Make Quick & Easy Fondant Flowers

Fondant flowers bring a fresh and beautiful feel to cakes for any occasion, from a birthday bash to a wedding. You can always go all out and learn how to make sugar hydrangeas or the intricacies of making beautiful rolled fondant roses, but if you’re in a pinch you might not have the time for something more elaborate.

These fondant flowers are whimsical, modern and fun — in addition to being fast and easy to create! They’ll wow your friends, family, and clients.

How to Make Fabulous Fondant Toppers

fondant tutorials

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Green Tiered Cake with Ruffled Flowers

Photo via Wendy Woo Cakes

Materials needed:

Fondant Materials for Creating Flowers
  • A silicone mat
  • Fondant in any color you choose
  • Ball tool
  • Fondant roller
  • Foam board
  • Circle cutters in various sizes
  • Rose flower cutters in various sizes
  • Luster dust (optional, but recommended)
  • Paint pallet (available at craft stores)


Step 1:

Before you begin, make sure you know which cutters you plan to use. For my flowers, I am making two sizes. The first will have three petals, the second will have two petals.

Using Cutters to Cut Fondant Circles

Step 2:

Roll out your fondant. Try to get your fondant super thin — almost as thin as paper; this will give you a cleaner edge and more professional look.

Step 3:

Cut out your circles. When cutting out the circles, press down firmly and twist slightly. This will help cut off the fray around the edges and give you a cleaner look. Once all of your circles are cut, lay them out and grab your ball tool.

Variously Sized Fondant Circles

Step 4:

Place the circles on the foam mat and using the ball tool, gently glide around the edges of the circle to thin them. Then, gently press the center of the circle down. We want the center of the circle to be flat so the other petals can attach to them.

Using Ball Tool to Press Flower Petals

Step 5:

When all of the circles are finished, let them dry for just a few minutes. If you are in a big hurry, they can be used immediately, but they are easier to work with if you wait a few minutes.

Step 6:

Once they have dried slightly, stack them from largest to smallest using a small drop of water, lemon extract or your favorite sugar glue. If you would like to give them a little bling, you can dust them with a little luster dust before stacking, then add a small ball of fondant for the center of the flower.

Finished Flowers with Sheen

Whimsical flowers can also be made using flower cutters.

This set of cutters is actually for roses, but we love being creative, right? The process for making these flowers is about the same as before, only the shape has changed.

Flower-Shaped Cutters and Tools

Step 1:

Roll out your fondant very thin and cut out your flowers.

Cutting out Flowers with Cutters

Step 2:

Using the ball tool, gently rub the edge around each petal to give it a frilly look. For the smaller flowers, I like to just place the ball tool in the center of each petal and rub in a circle. This thins out the petal and spreads it out a bit.

Using Tool to Roll Petals
Pressing Flower Petal

Step 3:

As before, let them dry for a few minutes, then stack them on top of each other. Next, add a center and you now have beautiful and fun flowers!

Finished White and Orange Flowers

These fondant flowers can be attached immediately to cakes and they will hold their shape beautifully! They can also be placed in a flower former to give them more dimension. Let them dry for a few hours in the forms before attaching to the cake.

Have a bit more time to create, or looking to challenge yourself with something more advanced? Try your hand at classic sugar flowers or even exotic sugar orchids. As you build your sugar flower skill set, you’ll be able to create incredible floral decor for any cake, regardless of time constraints.

How to Make Fabulous Fondant Toppers

fondant tutorials

Wow clients with customized toppers for baby showers, birthdays & beyond.Get My FREE Guide »

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