You Need to See These Creative Easter Painting Ideas

The air is warming, flowers are blooming and pastel-colored candies are crowding grocery store aisles. Easter is just around the corner, and it’s time to create something beautiful with these Easter painting ideas. 

Easter Painting Ideas

Spring has sprung! Inspiring Easter painting ideas.

From classic Easter icons like bunnies and chicks to beautiful seasonal imagery like lilies (and even some very creative and unexpected seasonal inspiration), these painting ideas will help you shake off the winter doldrums and get excited about moving creatively into spring.

8 Easter painting ideas

Whimsical bunny

Illustration via Bluprint blog 

1. Paint a whimsical bunny

One of the most famous Easter icons is the Easter bunny. This makes a bunny rabbit the perfect subject for an Easter painting. The above painting, rendered in pen and ink and watercolor on watercolor paper, is an evocative and sweet illustration that shows the tentative, tender beginnings of spring, with a bunny napping against a tree, surrounded by blossoms starting to sprout and a soft blue sky. Check out our informative post on how to paint a bunny to create a sweet illustration just like this one. 

Realistic Bunny Painting

Bunny via Bluprint member Stephanie Guy

2. Paint a stylized bunny

If whimsical bunnies aren’t aligned with your artistic style, try a stylized, painterly version of a bunny. The above rabbit was painted in oil paint with a palette knife, which gives it a textural look while still capturing the bunny’s cute expression. While the subject matter is perfect for Easter, the lack of pastel candy tones and painterly style make it a versatile painting that could be displayed all year round.

Painting of Baby Chicks

Cheeky chicks via Bluprint member adriennek2198087

3. Chicks

Easter chicks are darling, and they make for a wonderful spring painting subject. Rendered in watercolor, the above painting shows plenty of personality: These curious chicks look a little mischievous and very playful. Their expressive faces, plus the expertly captured fuzzy texture of their fledgling feathers, make this an adorable and sweet Easter painting.

Easter Morning Painting

Easter morning via Bluprint member Jan Neufelder

4. Easter egg hunt

One of the cutest Easter traditions is the egg hunt. Why not use this as a time to test out your portrait painting skills? The above painting was rendered on acrylic on panel using a photo reference of a child taking part in an Easter egg hunt. The color, grass and pastel dress all say “Easter,” but what is truly captured in the painting goes beyond the holiday: the true liveliness and joy of a child engaged in play.

Painted eggs

Painted eggs via Bluprint member Patrice Daliberti

5. Paint an egg…literally!

If you’ve grown out of hunting for eggs, why not paint an egg? That’s in the literal sense: Actually create a painting on an egg! These ostrich eggs are painted delicately in acrylic and finished with a clear seal, and make for exquisite, highly detailed, jewel-like objects of art. Just be sure to blow the eggs, removing the yolks and whites, before painting — otherwise your art will have an expiration date!

Here are a few more ideas for artistically decorating Easter eggs.

Painted Lillies

Lilies via Bluprint member Jelena Krilova

6. Lilies

Easter lilies are a traditional icon and gift for the Sunday holiday. The light flowers also make for a wonderful painting subject. Beautiful with their striking green and delicate whites, they are an accessible subject for a number of painting levels as they can be simplified or made as detailed as you like. They can also be rendered in just about any painting medium you prefer; the above painting was created with watercolor on paper.

Still life with ham

Still life with ham by Ferenc Ujházy; public domain work in the USA

7. Easter Ham

Your mission, should you choose to accept: Create a painting inspired by a traditional Easter dinner! The heft and glistening tone of a cooked ham makes for an interesting painting subject, chock full of opportunities to explore light, shadow and different shapes in your piece. If painting from life, be sure to take a photo, because your subject may be taken away when your family starts to get hungry!

Peeps Starry night Art

Photo via CakeSpy

8. Use candy to create a “painting”

Talk about mixed media! With the classic painting The Starry Night as a muse, this piece of art was created using a different type of mixed media: Peeps marshmallow chick and bunny candies, with piped icing “painted” in between the candy to create a delicious impressionist-inspired masterpiece. Now that’s thinking outside of the candy box!

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