Eggsquisite Embroidery: Easter Appliqué Designs

After the winter of polar vortexes, it’s time to bring some sparkle to spring. By adding reflective mediums and varying a couple of steps, you can turn standard appliqué in embroidery into something extraordinary.

Let’s celebrate the season with these Easter-themed appliqué designs!

Appliqué with glitter flake heat transfer vinyl

Photo via Sew Inspired by Bonnie

Eggsquisite jewels

Typically, appliqué is created with cotton fabrics. These Easter egg designs by Bonnie Welsh of Sew Inspired by Bonnie feature glitter flake heat transfer vinyl sheets and the results are stunning.

Eggsquisite Jewels design using glitter flake vinyl appliqué.

Photo via Sew Inspired by Bonnie

Originally digitized as machine embroidery with fill stitching, the appliqué version, Eggsquite Jewels, includes placement and tack-down stitches.

Get the Eggsquisite Jewels designs.

Appliqué with Angelina and accented with Swarovski crystals.

 Photo via Bluprint blogger Debbie Henry

Because my glitter vinyl had not yet arrived, I created a miniature wall hanging and table accent using Angelina fibers, shredded heat-bondable mylar, as my appliqué fabric.

Completed Easter Applique Wall Hanging

Creating an “Eggsquisite” jewels hanger

Step 1:

Create your appliqué piece from Angelina. If you are new to bonding with Angelina fibers, read this tutorial for making embroidered hearts using Angelina fibers.

Angelina applique

Step 2:

Choose any of the Eggsquisite Jewels designs. Cut a piece of felted wool 8 x 12″ and hoop it on adhesive tear-away stabilizer. Stitch the placement stitch and tack down stitch per usual and use the shimmering fiber as the appliqué.

Because Angelina is more like fabric, I skipped the third stitch sequence, which was digitized specifically for mylar and glitter flake vinyl application. Continue stitching the design.

Eggsquisite Jewels hanger.

Step 3:

When stitching is done, remove the felt from the hoop and trim it to 5.5″ wide so it will fit on a 6″ wire hanger. Square off the top edge. Fold the top edge to the inside overlapping about an inch. Clip a three-quarter inch slit in the center of the fold to fit the hanger heart through.

Adding the hanger.

Step 4:

Place a bead of glue along the top inside edge and fold it over the bottom of the hanger, pressing it to the back side of the felt. Trim the bottom edge, fold it up a half-inch, glue to the back, and let it dry.

Now it’s complete!

Organza window applique using Eggsquisite Jewels design.

Creating an appliqué window

The beauty of appliqué is that it is very versatile. Because the added fabric or fiber is edged in satin stitches, you can also create a sheer window using organza as the appliqué fabric.

Creating window applique with organza.

Trimming the base fabric before applying an organza window appliqué 

Step 1:

Hoop your base fabric with a water-soluble stabilizer like Ultra Solvy. After the placement stitch, carefully cut inside the stitch area, removing the base fabric but keeping the water-soluble stabilizer intact.

Trimming organza from the window applique.

Trimming organza from an appliqué window

Step 2:

Instead of the Angelina used in the project above, stitch organza during the tack-down sequence. Because there will be stitching on the delicate organza, I usually stitch the tack-down twice in a project such as this to keep it from separating from the cut edge of the base fabric.

Instead of trimming the organza after the tack-down stitch, as would be typically done with appliqué, leave it attached until the stitching on the window is complete, then trim.

Step 3:

Finish stitching the design and remove it from the hoop. Trim away as much of the water-soluble stabilizer as possible, then rinse or soak in warm water to remove the rest. Lay it flat to dry. When dry, press it from the back using a press cloth.

Here are some other Easter appliqué designs to try!

Bunny Head Appliqué Design and Chick 2 Appliqué Design by Bluprint member Digitizing Dolls.

Bunny Monogram Appliqué Frame and Bunny Love Appliqué by The Itch 2 Stitch

Easter Basket and Easter Rabbit Holding Egg by Bluprint member Crazy4Applique

Easter Eggs Appliqué and Cross Appliqué by Bluprint member Edies Designs

What is your favorite Easter appliqué?


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