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From fabulous felines to curious canines, animals hold a special place in all our hearts. And, with their detailed physiques and quirky personalities, they make wonderful sketching subjects. Unlock the skills you need to create amazing works of your favorite critters with our new, completely free drawing animals eGuide!

Learn how to draw animals in stunning likeness and detail with our collection of drawing tips and tutorials, all in this FREE downloadable PDF eGuide!

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Drawing Animals Tutorials!

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You’ll start off with tutorials on everyone’s favorites — pets! Learn how to draw a cat, a dog and more! Then move on to even more amazing creatures, like horses and even birds!

Learning to draw a cat!

Quick peek! Here’s what you’ll learn

1. Drawing a cat

2. How to draw a dog

3. Drawing popular farm animals

4. Plus so much more!

Learning to draw little critters!

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