Get Your Gems Under Control With DIY Jewelry Holders and Organizers

If you’re cranking out a lot of jewelry, you can already see how quickly it can pile up, get tangled and take over your entire home. So why not go ahead and use your many crafty skills to make jewelry holders and organizers?

If your crafty skills stop at jewelry making, here’s another idea: Enlist a friend who sews, knits or crochets to help you. Maybe you can even make a trade!

We did all the heavy lifting for you and rounded up some of our favorite DIY jewelry holders and organizers from right here on Bluprint. Whether you knit, sew, or crochet, there’s an organizer to help get your jewelry under control.

Lace Jewelry Holder free tutorial

Photo via Bluprint member mindylewis678

Lace Jewelry Holder

Have some knitting skills? Knit up a quick piece of lace and pop it in a used frame. It’s inexpensive, especially if you use yarn from your stash.

Get the Lace Jewelry Holder tutorial here.

Jewelry Clutch tutorial

Photo via Bluprint member cgomez113

Jewelry Clutch

Break out that sewing machine and work up this simple clutch project that holds your most treasured baubles. It’s ideal for travel, but you can also tuck it into a drawer at home if you’re short on space.

Get the Jewelry Clutch pattern here.

Yin Yang Jewelry Dish crochet pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Galit Grosz Cabot

Crochet Bowl – Yin Yang Jewelry Dish

Can you believe that these dishes were created using a braided rope? These little dishes would look great on top of a dresser to hold rings or any other jewelry that you wear daily. As you can see from the photo, it’s also a great place to store your beautiful beads while you work!

Get the Crochet Bowl – Yin Yang Jewelry Dish pattern here.

Store in Style Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Photo via Bluprint member Indygo Junction

Store in Style Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Grab a durable fabric like denim or upholstery to sew this organizer. This is perfect for hanging just inside your closet or on the back of a door. If you find it handy, you can even make one more to hold all your jewelry supplies!

Get the Store in Style Hanging Jewelry Organizer pattern here.

Economic Studies Jewelry Holder

Photo via Bluprint member abigailology

Economic Studies Jewelry Holder

Here’s a great jewelry holder for you crocheters. Upcycle an old frame and toss in a crocheted piece that can put all your best jewelry in the spotlight. Can’t crochet? Find a doily that fits into the frame as a substitute.

Get the Economic Studies Jewelry Holder pattern here.

Jewelry Purse sewing pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Deby Coles

Jewelry Purse

There’s a place for every type of jewelry here, including rings. I love designer Deby Coles‘s suggestion: If you’re gifting jewelry, why not go ahead and include this as part of the gift, too? You can make it in a practical cotton or make it a little fancier with satin or another luxurious fabric.

Get the Jewelry Purse pattern here.

Jewelry roll sewing pattern

Photo via Bluprint member MODKID

Jewelry Roll

I love that this tutorial even thought about those pretty brooches and where to put them. The little buttoned strip makes it easy to add and remove brooches, necklaces and anything else that you don’t want to get tangled. Plus, you can use the pattern for all kinds of things, including school supplies, knitting needles, art supplies and more.

Get the Jewelry Roll pattern here.

Jewelry Wallet sewing pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Ms. Elaineous

Jewelry Wallet

Need zippered pouches to organize your jewelry? This is the sewing tutorial for you. The techniques you use in this tutorial will help you make neater interior pockets and put on snaps like a pro.

Get the Jewelry Wallet pattern here.

Weekender Jewelry Pouch

Photo via Bluprint member plaidscottie

Weekender Jewelry Pouch

Just need to carry enough jewelry for a day or two? This pouch is awesome for tucking your treasures but not taking up a lot of space. Tuck smaller pieces into the side pockets, while the less-likely-to-tangle pieces can be stacked in the middle.

Get the Weekender Jewelry Pouch pattern here.

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