5 Steps to Super Stylish DIY Feather Earrings

One of the easiest types of earrings you can make is also one of the prettiest — and trendiest, too! These DIY feather earrings will take you minutes to make and cause a big sensation next time you go out on the town (or, you know — to the mall!).

DIY Feather Earrings

DIY Feather Earrings are simple and fun to make!

DIY feather earrings tutorial

Tools for making DIY feather earrings

Tools and materials:

  • Wire (I used 26ga vintage parawire)
  • Wire cutters
  • Chain nose pliers
  • A couple of ear wires
  • Some jump rings
  • Feathers**

A note on choosing feathers:

Feathers come in natural or dyed. The dyed ones are usually thicker and a little more difficult to wrap; I tend to use a bit of glue to keep the wire attached on the thicker-stemmed feathers. I’ve got two sets of earrings to show you, one with dyed, heavy feathers and one with natural, wispy feathers. The technique is the same.

Choose feathers that are equal in length. In addition, note that feathers have a natural curve – choose feathers that have opposing curves, to frame your face. 

You can make earrings with a single pair of feathers, or add more for extra movement and texture. 

Four feathers for making DIY feather earrings

Step 1:

Cut about 6″ of 26ga wire and make a loop in the center:

1: Loop of wire for making earrings

Twist the wire a few times to secure the loop. 

2: Twisting wire

Step 2:

Align the tip of the feather shaft with the twist you just made. 

Line up feather shaft for DIY feather earrings

Hold one wire close to the feather shaft, and wrap the other wire down the shaft, making sure to catch some of the tiny down to secure the wire. 

4: Wrap shaft

Step 3:

Add a second feather and keep wrapping. 

5: Add 2nd feather

Step 4:

Take the second wire and make a decorative loop, if you wish.

7: Make decorative loop

Continue the wrapping back up the shaft and around the original loop twist. 

7: Wrap back to loop & finish

Step 5: 

Add ear wires. To do so, open a jump ring sideways and loop on the feather loop, and the ear wire hook. I’m using a leverback type here but you can use any kind of ear wire you like. 


Repeat Steps 1-5 to make the second earring, mirroring your first shape.

That’s it! Below you’ll see the earrings I made for this tutorial as well as a pair with the heavy dyed feathers. These feather shafts were so thick I wrapped each one separately, which also allows for more movement when dangling.

Also note that I chose alternating curves for these feathers instead of all the same direction, again for movement. 

DIY Feather Earrings DIY Feather Earrings with Pink, Purple and Blue Feathers
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