Which of These 10 DIY Dress-Up Costumes Will Your Kiddo Love?

DIY Dress Up Sewing Patterns for Kids

DIY dress-up clothes provide little ones with hours of fun, but it’s hard to find time to actually make them. If you choose the right pattern, though, sewing costumes for playtime doesn’t need to take up an entire day.

From capes and masks to hats and wings, these no-fuss, DIY dress-up clothes can be stitched in no time. Just don’t be surprised when your dress-up clothes are such a hit that the kids beg for more!

Super Kid Cape FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member PeekaBooPattern

1. Super Kid Cape

Let kids pretend to fly up, up and away! The cape is reversible, so they can instantly change their identities. Seven appliqué shapes and a full alphabet are also included in case you want to add a little something extra.

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Monarch Butterfly Wings FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Crafty.Anne

2. Monarch Butterfly Wings

Use this pattern to create beautiful butterfly wings, then stitch it up in other colors as fairy wings. You could add some glitter to them for an extra bit of sparkle! You may even want to keep this pattern in mind for Halloween costume season.

Removed, but check these out!

DIY Fleece Warrior Hats FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Stacey Byrne

3. Fleece Warrior Hats

These hats were designed as warm winter hats, but they can also be stitched up for playtime. The hats are sewn with fleece, which helps hold the shape of the hat no matter which warrior your kid chooses.

This pattern was removed, but check the designer’s site here.

Red Riding Hood Cape FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Cherie Killilea

4. Red Riding Hood Cape

You’ll just need one yard of fabric — preferably red if you want the authentic look — to make this Little Red Riding Hood–inspired cape. This cape is especially quick if you have access to a serger that does a rolled hem.

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Child's Police Hat FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Stacey Byrne

5. Child’s Police Hat

Cops and robbers, anyone? You’ll need topstitching skills to complete these fun hats, as well as some knowledge of sewing with vinyl. Both small and large sizes are available, so kids of all ages can enjoy the fun.

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Tiny Chef Apron and Toy Oven Mitt FREE Sewing Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member PeekaBooPattern

6. Tiny Chef Apron & Toy Oven Mitt

Know a little chef who enjoys pretending in the kitchen? This apron and oven mitt set is perfect for cooking in both toy kitchens and in real kitchens with adult supervision.

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Guess Who Dress-Up Masks Sewing Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Elizabeth Wyatt Sewing Patterns

7. Guess Who? Dress Up Masks

These masks are no-sew, since they peel and stick with the help of fabric bonding sheets. The masks are also adjustable, so friends can wear the masks, too. This is a great way to use up even your smallest fabric scraps.

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Dino Poncho Dress Up Sewing Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member IndiPatterns

8. Dino Poncho Dress Up Pattern

While you probably don’t have time to sew an entire dinosaur costume, you just might have time to construct this simple poncho that’s just as fun to play with. The poncho is designed for easy on and off so that kids can dress themselves without an adult’s help.

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Felt Child's Play Sword Sewing Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member ThelullabyLofT

9. Felt Child Play Sword

Whether your kiddos are pretending to be pirates or medieval knights, this play sword will be one of their favorite accessories. A dowel and fiberfill cushioning give the sword its shape. The pattern comes with 32 full-color photos, so you’ll never be lost.

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Every Hero's Cape and Accessories Sewing Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member kenda.headley

10. Every Hero’s Cape and Accessories

Little heroes can get dressed up and fight off villains in not just a cape but also gauntlets, a crown and a mask. You can even use knit fabric with raw edges — no finishing required. There’s even cape sizes provided for adults so they can get in on the fun.

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