7 MORE Quick Quilting Tips for Smarter Sewing

The Daily Buzz continues with more smart quilting tips and big savings! Every day this week, we’ve been sharing quicks videos and special coupon codes. Don’t worry if you missed it — you can see all the tips below, and click here to discover today’s deal. Then, come back every day next week for even more chances to learn and save.

Daily Buzz

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Tip No. 8: Wrangle Those Spools

Tip No. 9: Learn the Log Cabin

Tip No. 10: Three Steps to Tackle FMQ

Tip No. 11: A Sharp Idea for Your Scissors

Tip No. 12: Fold for a Solid Foundation

Tip No. 13: The Quickest Way to Rip a Seam (Oops!)

Tip No. 14: No-Fuss Fusible Appliqué

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