Lovely Cutwork Lace Embroidery Designs That Inspire!

Cutwork and cutwork lace are two terms that are often interchanged but are actually quite different techniques. While cutwork produces open cut-away areas in fabric, cutwork lace embroidery designs add intricate connective stitching much like freestanding lace. Combining the two is a match made in machine embroidery heaven.

Here are some cutwork lace embroidery designs to inspire your next project!

advanced embroidery cutwork lace insertPhoto via Advanced Embroidery

Cutwork lace in clothing

Cutwork lace adds a touch of feminine elegance to clothing. Even the most casual of shirts becomes evening wear with the addition of cutwork lace embroidery designs.

Get the Cutwork Lace Insert design here.

cutwork lace insert shirts by advanced embroidery

Photo via Advanced Embroidery

Even though the design on the right was stitched on stretchy, light jersey, it came out beautifully. Proper stabilization insures that cutwork lace embroidery stitches without puckering. Polyester threads are recommended, as they are color safe and resist chemical changes sometimes caused by using a water-soluble mesh stabilizer.

Get the Celtic Cutwork Lace Insert design here.
Get the Wild Rose Cutwork Lace Insert design here.

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If you are interested in trying cutwork lace inserts on knit shirts, it would be helpful to take Deborah Jones’ Machine Embroidery With Knits class.


cutwork lace embroidery

Image via Advanced Embroidery

Cutwork lace edging

Cutwork lace creates beautiful edging on table linens. Two sections of the Rose Cutwork Lace Border, seen above, create a small doily while adding the third border piece produces a lovely, scalloped table centerpiece.

The difference between freestanding lace edging and cutwork lace embroidery is that cutwork lace contains fabric as part of the structure while freestanding lace consists entirely of thread. However, both use water-soluble stabilizers.

Get the Rose Cutwork Lace Border design here.

Advanced Embroidery Cutwork Lace Primrose design

Photo via Advanced Embroidery

Three separate design files make up the Cutwork Lace Primrose Border for this 20 1/2″ x 11 1/2″ doily. Eight cutwork lace pieces were embroidered separately, then stitched together attaching the center fabric last.

Get the Cutwork Lace Primrose Border design

sadia sews jacobean symphony doily

Photo via Sadia Sews

Although the Jacobean Symphony Doily project might look complicated, Sadia from Sadia Sews has made it simple! She digitized the design for 4×4 and 5×7 hoops, including placement stitches to help with multiple hoopings.

Sadia Sews Jacobean Symphony shawl

Photo via Sadia Sews

The full collection includes cutwork designs as straight embroidery, a beautiful addition to this wrap.

Get the Jacobean Symphony doily designs here.
Get the full Jabobean Symphony collection here.

Feather Guest Towel cutwork lace by Bluprint instructor Evy Hawkins

Photo via Bluprint instructor Evy Hawkins

You may evan want to add organza to your cutwork lace projects like Bluprint instructor Evy Hawkins did with the linen Cutwork Guest Towel in her Machine Embroidered Cutwork class. Although it is difficult to see here, the organza adds a lovely touch of tinted shimmer to the feather cutwork lace design.

S-embroidery birdie cutwork lace

Photo via S-Embroidery

Cutwork lace with freestanding lace

Because they are constructed so similarly, it is only natural that cutwork lace and freestanding lace be used together. Here, a cutwork bird is enhanced with ever so delicate Battenberg lace-type edging. The piece is suitable as a table accent or placemat and could easily be expand into a tablecloth.
Get the Birdie Cutwork Lace design here.
Get the Battenberg Lace Edging Set here.

advanced embroidery teatime freestanding lace machine embroidery

Photo via S-Embroidery

Five design files are combined to create this gorgeous table runner. Cutwork lace inserts are offset by scalloped floral freestanding lace edging. Either design set is beautiful by itself but combining them is also exquisite.

Get the Teapot Cutwork Lace designs here.
Get the Freestanding Lace Blossoms Table Runner edging designs here. 

What do you like best about cutwork lace embroidery designs?

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