Play With Your Crochet: FREE, Cute & Cuddly Toys

Most toys we see on the shelves today are made of plastic, but as crocheters, we have the option to give the kiddos in our lives a toy that’s soft and hug-able.

Crochet Toys

Skip the plastic toys and instead crochet one of these soft, lovable toys.

These crochet toys are sure to delight any kiddo

When you’re choosing yarn for your crochet toys, look for washable yarn. These toys are going to be treasured, and that means they’re going to get dirty!

You’ll find amigurumi in this mix, but you’ll also find crochet toys that double as security blankets or kids’ bedroom decor. Find a pattern that meets the needs of the lucky kiddo you’re stitching it for.

Sparky the Lava Monster FREE Crochet Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Fashion Crochet Design

1. Sparky the Lava Monster Amigurumi Toy

There are so many fun things going on in this pattern! Kids will love the soft, furry texture of novelty yarn used to stitch this hug-worthy monster. The novelty yarn is held together with plied worsted-weight yarn, making it easier to see the stitches.

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Tiger Snuggle Buddy FREE Crochet Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Lisa Kingsley Designs

2. Tiger Snuggle Buddy or Security Toy

This tiger has a pouch that can hold a book or other treasures your kiddo picks up around the house. (You might even find your car keys in there.) The pattern includes plenty of how-to photos along with the instructions, so it’s perfect for beginner crocheters who want to try working in the round.

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Ladybug Baby Toy Set FREE Crochet Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Jess Boyer Crochet

3. Ladybug Baby Toy Set

These toys are soft, squishy and full of interesting textures that baby will love. All of the facial features, including the ladybug eyes and mouth, are embroidered to keep baby safe from choking hazards or other small objects. If you’re customizing the pattern, just be sure to keep safety in mind as you make changes.

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Baby Brachiosaurus Crochet Toy Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Amigurumi Geek

4. Baby Brachiosaurus

This little guy was designed by Amigurumi Geek’s 13-year-old daughter, so you know it’s kid-approved! This is the perfect toy for dino lovers. The toy can sit on the shelf as a decoration or be toted around in a backpack.

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Sweet Amigurumi Hares Crochet Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Inspired Crochet Toys

5. Sweet Amigurumi Hares

These amigurumi hares are long and lanky, which means they’re begging to hang out on a shelf when your kiddo isn’t playing with them. This pair could also serve as Easter decorations worked up in pretty pastels, so keep them in mind for spring decor.

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Pink Little Lady Crochet Doll Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Amigurumi Patterns from K and J Dolls

6. Pink Little Lady Doll Amigurumi Crochet

Not all dolls have to be made of plastic. Give little ones a soft doll instead thanks to this pretty pattern. Pink Little Lady doesn’t just have to be pink, either! You can even match her hair color to the recipient’s hair.

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Free Pig Crochet Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Erin’s Toy Store

7. The Pig A Crochet Pattern

This funny pig escaped from the farm and wants to hide out in your kid’s room. The instructions for this pattern come with plenty of photos, making assembly super simple. If you’re a beginner crocheter who’s ready to tackle more intermediate projects, give this a try.

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Crochet Penguin FREE Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Liliksha Toys

8. Crochet Penguin

Kids love penguins, especially when they’re hiding a little surprise inside. This penguin has a secret pocket that kids can stuff with tiny treasures. As a bonus, you could even stuff the pocket before you give the penguin as a gift.

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Little Lion FREE Crochet Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Nerdy Knitter Designs

9. Little Lion

Lions aren’t so scary when they’re small, plush and smiling. The instructions call for safety eyes, but if you’re making this lion for a small infant or baby, you’ll want to check out safer eye options here.

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Free Huggy Monster Security Blanket Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member WondertimeTots Pattern Shop

10. Huggy Monster Security Blanket

This just might be you child’s new bedtime buddy. There’s quite a bit of assembly required for this pattern, but the designer encourages beginners to give this a try. The instructions come with both photos and tips to help with the stitching and assembly.

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Little Nurse Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Amigurumi Patterns from K and J Dolls

11. Little Nurse Amigurumi

Grab your scrap yarns and work up this nurse amigurumi in no time. Kids can combine this doll with other small play sets they already own, or they can create an entirely new play set. You can even create other dolls based on this pattern. Just omit the nurse’s hat and get creative with the embellishments.

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