8 Quick-to-Stitch Crochet Potholder Patterns

Crochet potholders make perfect gifts for all types of kitchens. They are both decorative and functional, can be created in any number of different styles, and are a handmade treat that adds a personal touch to your gift giving. Crochet potholders can be made in elaborate detail so you can show off your most advanced crochet skills, but there are also easy crochet potholder patterns that serve as instant gratification projects to make quick gifts!

Here are 8 top patterns for crochet potholders that would be perfect for gifting this holiday season.

crochet star trivet free pattern

Image via Craftsy member Jessie At Home

1. Star Trivet or Centerpiece

This is a two-for-one crochet pattern. When made in full, it’s a table centerpiece, but crochet designer Jessie Rayot has marked a stopping point in the pattern; stopping at that point will make it a crochet potholder or trivet. Together, the smaller and larger stars make a great pair for gifting. Use red and green yarn instead of red and blue yarn and it would be terrific Christmas decor for your own home as well.

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Rays of Light Crochet Potholder

Image via Craftsy member SpringCasual

2. Rays of Light Potholder

This free crochet potholder pattern combines simple single crochet and double crochet stitches with the fun extended double crochet stitch to create a uniquely textured, graphic pattern that is fun to make and perfect for gifting. A set of these would look great as a potholder wall art display.

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owl hot pad potholder crochet pattern

Image via Craftsy member CrochetCrazy

3. Owl Hot Pad Potholder Crochet Pattern

It is always fun to make and give something cute, and owl crochet is always cute. This one uses simple shapes to add wings and a face to a basic owl shape. Play around with a variety of colors to find the right crochet owl potholder for everyone you know!

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extended single crochet potholder

Image via Craftsy member LuvMaxine

4. Extended Single Crochet Hot Pad/ Trivet

Go beyond the basic single crochet stitch while still utilizing a very simple crochet technique that works up quickly and looks great in every color. That’s what you’ll do when you use this free crochet potholder pattern!

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sunflower crochet pot holder

Image via Craftsy member Jessica’s Crochet

5. Sunflower Trivet

This crochet flower pattern uses several basic crochet stitches in combination to create a kitchen gift that can be used as a potholder or hot pad. Worked in the intended colors, it is a sunflower, but of course you could select different colors to create flowers to match different kitchen decor.

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crochet heart potholder

Image via Craftsy member Crochetions

6. Feel The Love Potholder

Spread the warmth to anyone you love with the gift of a heart-shaped crochet potholder. This cotton potholder has a built-in pocket in the design, to give you better grip when using it. It is also a great place to hold a gift card!

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star trivet crochet potholder

Image via Craftsy member Cuppa Stitches

7. 8-Point Twisted Trivet Coaster

The intricate weaving of this crochet flower makes it a layered, textured, multi-dimensional crochet potholder that looks great in use or on display. Believe it or not, you only need to know single crochet and double crochet stitches to make this trivet!

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rainbow crochet potholder

Image via Craftsy member Zelda Powell

8. Felted Rainbow Coaster & Trivet Set

Take your crochet talents to the next level with the art of felting. You can make a single rainbow crochet potholder using this pattern or an entire rainbow kitchen set!

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