10 Stash-Busting Crochet Necklace Patterns

Crochet Necklace Patterns

A new piece of jewelry is just a few stitches away when you make one of these crochet necklace patterns.

So you have yards and yards of tiny scrap yarn that you’ve saved. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever be able to crochet a scarf or even a hat out of those tiny yardages, but you might just be able to stitch up a cool fiber necklace.

I’m a big fan of crochet necklaces, especially in winter when the idea of cold metal jewelry against my skin makes me shiver. They make great gifts, too, because you can crochet one in just a few hours.

Go for a range of styles from delicate to bold with this selection of crochet necklace patterns that are ideal for busting that out-of-control stash!

Endless Ways Necklace Crochet Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member A la Sascha

1. Endless Ways Necklace

This necklace has a few possibilities depending on the way you style it. Make multiple necklaces and layer them, as seen in the photo above, or use a heavier yarn and layer the necklaces as a cowl. This would be a great opportunity to use some of that T-shirt yarn you’ve been hanging onto.

Shelly FREE Crochet Bib Necklace Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member JessieAtHome

2. Shelly

Go bold with a bib necklace that’s named for the shell stitch. I love it worked up in a variegated yarn, but a solid color would work just as well. Experiment with even the wackiest yarn in your stash and see how many variations you can come up with. Instructions to adjust the size of the necklace are also included.

Jonquil Necklace Crochet Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Melmaria

3. Jonquil Necklace

If elegant and dainty is your thing, this is the perfect pattern for you. You’ll crochet in the round using a thread instead of your usual yarn. You’ll need a bit of jewelry knowledge to connect the flowers; check out “Working with Wire in Jewelry: A Quick Primer” if you’re new to wire.

Chevron Zig Zag Necklace Crochet Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member supercutestore3

4. Chevron Zig Zag Necklace

Grab those scrap yarns and pull a few colors together to create a cute chevron color palette for your statement necklace. Go for neutrals if you want the necklace to match several different outfits. You’ll need a couple of simple jewelry supplies to complete the look.

Chain Necklace Crochet Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member AimarroPatterns

5. Chain Necklace

If you know how to chain stitch and single crochet, this necklace will be a breeze. This necklace was stitched using a cotton thread, but it’s also a good excuse to get out those ridiculously sparkly yarns and see how they work up. 

Summer Internship Beaded Necklace FREE Crochet Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Abigail Haze

6. Summer Internship Beaded Necklace

Serious sparkle alert! Add beads to this already-adorable necklace that can be worn in many different lengths. It works just as well with jeans as it does your little black dress. Never crocheted with beads before? These tips for crocheting with beads will get you going.

Raindrops Necklace Crochet Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Shelby Allaho

7. Raindrops Necklace

Necklace or work of art? This museum-worthy necklace uses metallic yarn to crochet droplets of varying sizes. It’s ideal for strapless and scoop-neck styles since the drops rest against your collarbone beautifully.

Channeling Gabrielle Crochet Necklaces Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Voie de Vie

8. Channeling Gabrielle Necklaces

Wear these delicate necklaces solo or layered on top of each other at different lengths. You can even crochet the necklaces in different colors, if you’d like. The design pays tribute to Coco Chanel, a known fan of beads. 

Crochet Puff Stitch Necklaces

Photo via Craftsy member Maya Kuzman

9. Crochet Puff Stitch Necklaces

Can you tell we’re crazy about layering around here? Use this pattern to whip up necklaces, bracelets, anklets — whatever piece of jewelry you’d like. This sample uses a sport weight yarn, but the necklaces would also look cool in other weights. How about a fun chunky weight or delicate fingering weight? Or a combination of several weights?

Crochet Bow Necklace FREE Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member FlowerMoon

10. Crochet Bow Necklace

Bows aren’t just for your hair! Once you finish this necklace, though, you could use the bow pattern to make a matching hair clip. Just stitch up a bow and glue a hairpin right to the back of it. Photos are included, so beginners shouldn’t be afraid to give this one a try.

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