Impress Your Knitting Friends With Crochet Cable Patterns!

Crocheters can do anything knitters can do (well, almost!) and that includes twisty cables! As both a knitter and a crocheter, I love that I have the freedom to stitch crochet cable patterns that resemble knitted ones.

I’m even more obsessed after I saw the crochet cable patterns in Craftsy’s class, Amazing Crochet Textures with Drew Emborsky.

Let’s take a look at ways you can try out the crochet cable patterns, whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced crocheter.

Cable keyhole crochet scarf

Photo via Craftsy member Holland Designs

Cable keyhole scarf

Ready, set, front post double crochet! Designer Holland Designs designed this scarf after seeing a knitted version she desperately craved. She says it’s great for crocheters who never learned to knit, or who just prefer not to knit.

Cabled crochet necktie

Photo via Craftsy member ElevenHandmade

Cabled necktie pattern

Beginners, rejoice! Practice crochet cables and make a new accessory at the same time with this necktie. I always tried to pull off the necktie look and never quite succeeded. I think a necktie made of yarn might actually be my chance to finally do it!

Cabled crochet

Photo via Craftsy instructor Drew Emborsky

Cable crochet afghan square

In the Craftsy class, Amazing Crochet Textures, Drew Emborsky is showing off lots of drool-worthy crochet textures. One of them is this gorgeous cable crochet design. Watch Drew demonstrate how to create this texture, then mix and match the different squares to make the ultimate crocheted afghan.

Crochet cable legwarmers

Photo via Craftsy member CarrissaKnox

Crochet cable legwarmers

Look at these from afar and you might think they’re knitted. Nope, it’s all crochet here! Even those awesome cables running down the legwarmer are created with your crochet hook. It’s a perfect project for intermediate crocheters who are ready to try their hand (er, hook) at cables.

Crochet cable coffee cozy

Photo via Craftsy member TTB

Crochet cable coffee cozy

A handmade coffee cozy is practically a staple for any yarn lover. Show your love for yarn with these cozies that feature a twisty cable wrapped around the mug for even more hand protection from your hot coffee or tea.

Crochet cable fingerless mittens

Photo via Craftsy member Accessorise

Cable fingerless mittens

One simple cable wraps around the wrist of these fingerless mittens, making it totally doable for a beginner crocheter. Who knew something as simple as a cable could change the entire look of this already-awesome accessory?

Cable crochet blanket

Photo via Craftsy member ShiFio

Crochet cable blankets

The crochet cables stitched into this blanket make it even warmer than your average crochet blanket. These blankets are crocheted in traditional baby colors, but you could totally use it as a smaller lap blanket for your living room. Don’t forget that a lighter color yarn is best for showing off those cables, since a dark yarn can hide the texture.

Have an itch to crochet some cables? Me, too! Enroll in Drew’s Amazing Crochet Textures class and start hooking unbelievable crochet designs that you’ll swear came from knitting needles.

Are you both a knitter and a crocheter? Do you prefer one over the other?

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