7 Crochet Appliqué Patterns With Plenty of Pizzazz

Seven Cute andColorful Crochet Appliques

Crochet appliqués are the perfect way to transform the most ordinary of projects into something personal and delightful.  Here are seven cute and colorful appliqués to give your crocheted items a little extra burst of personality.

Which of these crochet appliqué patterns will you add to your next project?

Seven Cute andColorful Crochet AppliquesPhoto via Craftsy member GoldenLucyCrafts

1. Bird Appliqué Crochet Pattern

This appliqué bird is both sophisticated and fun.  It would look great added to a bag (like this Pipistrelle Bag by DebElen) or a simple baby blanket. 

Crochet Monkey AppliquePhoto via Craftsy member Crochet Arcade

2. Cheeky Monkey Appliqué Crochet Pattern

This cheeky monkey is sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face.  It can be added to blankets, booties, jumpers and scarves, to name but a few.

Ice Cream Cone Crochet AppliquePhoto via Craftsy member MamaDiyPattern

3. Ice Cream Crochet Garland Appliqué

As the name suggests, these cute ice cream cone appliqués can also be used as a cheerful garland. They would make a brilliant addition to any summer party.  

Fruit Crochet Appliques

Photo via Craftsy member Mari Martin

4. Crochet Fruit Appliqué

These fruit appliqués are adorable and good enough to eat! Create a one-of-a-kind look by sewing them onto a plain T-shirt or the back pocket of a pair of jeans.

Owl Crochet Appliques

Photo via Craftsy member Mari Martin

5. Crochet Owl Appliqué

Owls are all the rage! These ones make a wonderful wall display, but they would look equally good added to a baby blanket or hat. 

Simple Flower AppliquesPhoto via Craftsy member Wonderful Hands

6. Crochet Flowers Appliqué

Quick and easy to make, these flowers can be used for anything from brightening up a crochet project to personalizing your gift wrapping. They would also make a wonderful spring-time garland.

3-D Crochet Flower AppliquePhoto via Craftsy member Crocheterie

7. Crochet Origami Flowers Appliqué

Sew these “origami flowers” to hair clips, hair bands or brooch clips to create unique fashion accessories.

What are your favorite crochet appliqués and how have you used them?

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