4 Creative Quilt Display Ideas

If truth be known, over the years I have compiled a huge supply of quilts…more than I know what to do with! My home is adorned with some of my favorite quilts, and my enormous collections have forced me to become creative with the ways I display them.

Here are some new and unique ways to display your quilts proudly!

Quilts Displayed on Ladders

Photo via Craftsy instructor Anita Grossman Solomon

1. Kiva ladders

One of my favorite display techniques is to use a tiered piece to show off more than one quilt at a time. Typically known as kiva ladders, wooden “ladders” that have four or five rungs are a perfect way to show multiple quilts. Simply fold quilts according to the width of the rungs, and tuck them around the rungs. Make sure to refold and rotate these quilts frequently, as damage from sun exposure can occur more quickly than you realize.

2. Window frames and picture frames

Aside from kiva ladders, there are many other display fixtures that have a purpose different than displaying quilts. Visit home accent stores or antique malls for vintage looking items such as window frames (without glass panes), picture frames, pie safes and wooden hutches.

Quilt Hanging on Walls on Tension Rod

Photo via Craftsy member Sherri McConnell

3. Shower curtains

Take one of your favorite quilts and use it as your shower curtain! Using the sturdy metal clips that you can get for your shower curtain rod, attach the clips at evenly spaced intervals across the top of your quilt. Remember to use a shower curtain liner.

4. Teddy bears and wearables

If you have any older quilts that aren’t poised for display, but you don’t want to give them away, consider using these quilts to make teddy bears and wearables. If you have a quilt that is large enough, check out the many vest and jacket patterns available. These are great ways to preserve the memories you may have with a particular quilt, without having to display it in a traditional way.

If you have used all of your available wall space for hanging quilts, begin to explore other ways to display your beautiful creations. Rotate quilts frequently so that you can show them all!

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